Why would someone not take No as an answer?


So, this guy has been asking me out on dates and I told him that I have a hard period right now, I work 3 jobs and have to figure out lots of things and don’t have time for dates, he still messages, wherever I respond - I respond nicely.

Now he asked me when I can meet, I told him we can meet after a month, because this month I have a lot to figure out.

He’s still been insisting to meet as soon as possible. I tell him I am busy with work everyday. (Sometimes I am not, I am just not in the mood of dating)

He asked me if I am busy today, I made a mistake and said, finally I have a bit more free time to enjoy myself tomorrow, he said he wants us to go and have a dinner tomorrow.
I thought I made it clear, this month I want to be by myself.

I feel tired honestly, I told him many times I need some time to figure my things out, because I am a bit lost last couple weeks and I need some time to figure out where I am going to. I have like million job offers and lots of decisions to make in a very very short time, all while keep working my 3 jobs. I don’t know where I am going to be 2 months later.

Instead of giving me time as I asked, he now wants me to add a date to the list of my headaches and he seems to disregard what I told him about my hard period.

I said I have some free time and he wants to go on a date, I understand and appreciate that he likes me, but I feel frustrated, should I play dead?

What should I do, so I can have some time to myself?

4 mo
I don’t know, maybe I am wrong. I just feel like trapped in the corner.
4 mo
I know the post is a bit erratic, it’s just I felt really annoyed that he still asks me the same question after hearing my answer many times that I am really busy this month.

Hoe can I date anyone here when I have no idea where I’ll be 2 months later?

My priority is to figure things out and when I feel more settled, I can give him a chance. Why would he hurry so much?
Why would someone not take No as an answer?
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