Should I break up with him ASAP before he does something crazy?

I’m dating a guy who is different. I’m in college and I’ve come from a little bit of money and it’s the complete opposite with him. He doesn’t come from a lot of money and isn’t in college but I dated him because he treated me well.
I grew up spoiled by my dad and he gave me the world so I expect the same in relationships. I don’t wanna sound uppity when I say this but I have been told many times that I’m articulate and wonderful and have a good head on my shoulders and will be successful.
There will be times where my boyfriend can’t even use correct grammar. Today we were in the store and I corrected him on a word he said really wrong and he got mad and said he doesn’t like my tone when I do that and he thinks I’m being rude/malicious when I do that.
We’ve had issues about that before when I correct him on something and he says he doesn’t like my tone and it upsets him.
I drive us on all our dates but he always pays. He mostly initiates out hangouts and will always every single time say how he wants to buy me dinner or take me out. He’s bought me really nice gifts before but I’m starting to think he does it as leverage.
It gets annoying though because every once in a while he’ll go through a list of stuff he does for me. He’ll be like “I always buy you dinner and do stuff for you because I like you” and I feel like he uses it against me even though he says he’s not and loves me. Today in the argument when I corrected him he said the way I corrected him made him not want me to buy me dinner anymore.
I quickly said I could buy my own dinner and didn’t need him. I then told him how I have to convince my family that he does stuff for me and he started yelling at me and was like “all the stuff I do for you! I buy you $200 gifts and buy you dinner all the time”. He raised his voice so loud that it scared me.
Then apologized and said he wouldn’t bring it up ever again. I don't know I’m looking at him different now and that scared me earlier. Should I dump him?
Should I break up with him ASAP before he does something crazy?
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