Should we break up?


I've only been seeing this guy for a month, so we're not in a proper relationship. At first, I thought he was laid back, but now I think he's more into me than I am into him. He says we're having fun, but he also bought up our 1 month anniversary (which I didn't even think about), and that he's not seeing anyone else.

I think we are too different. He's very hyper and a bit immature for his age. We have slept together, so it's progressed more than a handful of dates, but now I don't think the attraction is going to grow for me. We have been out on dates, and he's always nice but also a bit forward and is always trying to take pictures of us (even from the 2nd date). He's always trying to kiss me passionately in public, which I hate, and he's always laughing and joking loudly. When I suggested going down a quiet path, he grabbed me and tried to kiss me, joking that I was trying to take him somewhere quiet to kiss him. He's hardly ever serious. I guess the good thing is he's always up for anything.

I tried to take into account all the positive things, but the spark isn't growing for me. He text me today if I wanted to go for a coffee during the week, and I haven't replied. Should I be honest and say we are better as friends, even though we probably can't be friends since we weren't before? I don't know how and what to tell him.

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He is naturally funny, a good listener and generous with dates, but I feel like I see him more as a friend now. I just can't look past the immature side. I don't want a guy who's too serious, but there are no sparks or feelings of excitement for me.
Should we break up?
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