Will he end up calling me? 33 year old guy with 21 year old girl

I met a guy this weekend who works for my family's company. Well technically we've known of each other a long time, just never really hung out. My uncle owns the business but my mom and lots more of my family work there. He's been there a long time, hard worker, got his life together, and really really hot! Anyway, we hit it off this weekend while drinking. He kept telling my whole family how he's going to date me etc.

We ended up making out and he stayed the night at my house because that's where the party was and he was too drunk to drive home. He told me he loved me twice (but he was drunk mind you). He left early the next morning before anyone got up, which was smart because my whole fam stayed the night and he would've gotten a lot of crap for it lol

Anyway, he added me on Facebook later that day and sent me a message with his phone number telling me to call/text if I want. I gave him my number as well, we joked a little bit, and then he didn't reply to my last message on Facebook. This was before work on Monday, where I'm sure he got a lot of sh*t for it (he was blatantly hitting on me in front of everyone). My fam is very protective of me, so not only will he have gotten crap on Monday for getting with me, but also because he's older. And now I haven't heard from him since? Granted I haven't tried to text him either, but I figure he's the one in the more awkward position that I kind of want to leave the ball in his court. I don't want to push him if it would be awkward at work.

Do you think he'll end up calling? Am I wasting my time? Despite our age difference, it didn't seem weird at all, and he didn't seem at all bothered by telling me whole fam that we were gonna date while he was drinking lol


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  • Do you think he'll end up calling? yeah it'll just take a while so just call him and tell him you like him and want to see where this can end up

    Am I wasting my time? probably

    he didn't seem at all bothered by telling me whole fam that we were gonna date while he was drinking lol

    ^ that's because he got a younger girl

    • So you think he'll end up calling me eventually? I'm thinking about going ahead and texting him, it's just not usually my style.

    • Text eventually could be quite some time.

  • Text him or call him and ask him"how things are going?" tell him that you enjoyed his company. Give him hints that you like him. And see what he say. Atleast you tried. Good luck:)