How do I get over him leaving me because of a drunk make out?


made out with this guy i was dating (second date, he was super touchy and kissy the whole day and kept asking to kiss me) took me to the promenade (he was sober i was super drunk). he kissed me and i thought that was an indicator for a make out, so, i took him buy that hand and we both walked to another bench. we made out. i touched him, and put his hands on me (since he kept telling me the day before how he wants to touch my body and he’s gonna try and win it, so i decided to give him the initiative) we kind of fumbled around. not too much.

next day he seemed a bit off, he said it looked a bit like an assault and he didn’t want to touch me just in case i regretted it, and how it’s not right. i said i didn’t regret anything and then he started to ask me repeatedly for sex. i said not so soon. he said ok and to tell him whenever i’m ready or if i want to.

weeks pass buy. we text everyday but he seems kinda dry. was gonna go out and he asked for pics of my dress. sent them and he started to ask for more sex and more pics of me in my dress.

more weeks pass buy. weird how he keeps putting excuses as to why we can’t hangout. then, found him at the fair and he dumped me because he said he felt un comfortable when i touched him drunk and he saw me differently.

im so hurt and i don’t know what to do. i basically ruined our relationship over a drunk make out?

4 mo
also, why did he tell me this a month later?
How do I get over him leaving me because of a drunk make out?
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