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Minimum rating for a partner?


It has been at least a week since a rating question and I'd like to know how picky people are in what they'll settle for. A potential partner might have an abundance of a quality you want but less of another quality that would be nice. IRL that is the compromise - a balance of what you like. It is all relativistic to you.

You might be a crack hoe but still only consider getting off the street for a billionaire. I'm asking what you will settle for. Maybe the crack hoe would settle for a multi millionaire.

For example I like nice, slender girls. C cups would be kinda spectacular on a slender girl and a 10. I could be quite happy with B cups at an 8. A girl with A cups might be genuinely nice and family oriented so I might rate her up as an 8 also instead of a 6/7.

In practice I'd settle for a 6 or a 7; but probably not lower than that. I might doom myself to singledom forever if I am a 5 but like the crack hoe not be willing to settle for less.

What will you settle for, down from your dream 10 partner?

10 is the min but I want a 12
8 to 9, it is still a good life
6 to 7 still an above average partner and better than most others have
4 to 5 average or sub average is OK. Sub averages don't get to cheat.
2 to 3 it's ok as a starter partner. I'll look better beside them.
0 to 1 at least they have accommodation and it is a step up from sleeping rough
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Minimum rating for a partner?
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