If you were me, would you also question your looks?

29F, have been told I’m pretty/attractive, have a younger face which is how I could be deemed as cute instead. When I tell you I’ve never been approached by a guy I’d actually want to date, I get attention from guys in person but it’s usually the questionable ones. I’ve been told on and off in the past that a guy I found attractive would look at me/found me attractive but never did anything about it (I’m too shy to also). I don’t have any in person friends as I work remote & sadly only rely on dating apps. The guys I match with I find attractive but not sure if I’m just unlucky (likely the case) or it’s dating apps as a whole but for some reason it doesn’t work out for a multitude of reasons. If those guys actually noticed me in person I would feel a little bit more secure. My thing is I’m pretty old in my opinion, as most people my age are married & have kids. I only have a str under my belt from a few years ago when I was in my early twenties & have been single since. I have this mindset that if I was actually attractive, I would’ve had quality guys lined up by now. Since that str, I’m very selective & am even quicker to stop something in its tracks if the guy does something that turns me off/isn’t what I’m fully looking for. I think dating has treated me very unfairly as “pretty girls” don’t deal with this, unless I’m missing something. And I’ll add this even though it shouldn’t matter that much in the very early talking stages: I don’t care about sex much at all, maybe overthinking it but unsure if that vibe is picked up on being so reserved.

TLDR: would you also think you’re unattractive if you’re almost thirty & don’t ever get attention from guys you’d actually consider dating?

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If you were me, would you also question your looks?
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