I hate make up on EVERYONE and ALWAYS - it makes people look artificial, and makes them believe they must hide who they are in order to be liked.?

I honestly hate the idea of makeup from about five different perspectives, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to recall all of them as I'm typing this question.

It's all problematic from the very core. You're essentially grabbing some artificial whackery, mostly involving paint, smothering it all over your eyes, eyelashes, skin, face, mouth, everything on your head; and assume that you have become more attractive to look at than how you were the way you were meant to look by nature.

Technically this implies numerous things, for one thing most of these products accumulate in the skin and make you wrinkle much quicker and are completely unhealthy.
Afterwards, it teaches women that their most important value is their physical appearance. It also teaches them that the only way to be liked is if they hide what they look like with paint. Implying that without it, they are hideous and ugly.
It also encourages men to appreciate women only if they wear makeup. Considering people who actually like themselves and the way they look tend to abandon makeup because it's a hassle, usually makeup acts as an indicator for desperation, and can lead more deceptive men to try and get laid with the woman, and never call them back afterwards - so it even increases the likelihood of one be emotionally abused.
It even tells you that you must be FLAWLESS. Not even the slightest bit of error on your skin is permissible, otherwise you'll be ridiculed for your acne, or your scar you got when you were 7, or just that you don't look like a "slut".

Basically, it's one of those many aspects of culture that I just hate, and I wish someone would realize it's stupid and counterproductive. It's similar to how women are essentially forced through peer pressure to shave their legs, except this takes even more extra effort, and even ruins their skin because of all the paint and artificial stuff you use.

And it doesn't even look good. In fact, I hate it. On everyone. Always. What says you?
I hate makeup so much my rage could function as a second Sun for the solar system, and it causes self-esteem issues
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Actually, makeup is so sexy that I love it more than my actual girlfriend, if she didn't wear it all the time I'd break up with her, and I wear it so men would finally realize I'm desperately trying to fetch at least one in my bedroom
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Honestly, makeup is a part of culture and we should embrace how we teach our children that painting your face is the only value known to a woman and they're hideous otherwise
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I see makeup as an artistic expression of my soul, and I honestly didn't see it the way you portray it here ever
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Makeup is a waste of time but other than that I don't really care about it to begin with and have no problem with it either way
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Those who actually like makeup for self-expression should pick Vote D.
Those who wear it to attract guys should pick Vote B.
Those who appreciate it as a part of culture (I don't understand you at all) should pick Vote C.
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Those who are neutral about makeup completely should pick Vote E.
Those who hate makeup from the bottom of their souls should pick Vote A.
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If you can't appreciate a person for what they look like naturally, how can you even say you love them for who they are? I guess they don't, but I sure as well wouldn't want to be in a relationship with such a person.
I hate make up on EVERYONE and ALWAYS - it makes people look artificial, and makes them believe they must hide who they are in order to be liked.?
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