I hate make up on EVERYONE and ALWAYS - it makes people look artificial, and makes them believe they must hide who they are in order to be liked.?

I honestly hate the idea of makeup from about five different perspectives, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to recall all of them as I'm typing this question.

It's all problematic from the very core. You're essentially grabbing some artificial whackery, mostly involving paint, smothering it all over your eyes, eyelashes, skin, face, mouth, everything on your head; and assume that you have become more attractive to look at than how you were the way you were meant to look by nature.

Technically this implies numerous things, for one thing most of these products accumulate in the skin and make you wrinkle much quicker and are completely unhealthy.
Afterwards, it teaches women that their most important value is their physical appearance. It also teaches them that the only way to be liked is if they hide what they look like with paint. Implying that without it, they are hideous and ugly.
It also encourages men to appreciate women only if they wear makeup. Considering people who actually like themselves and the way they look tend to abandon makeup because it's a hassle, usually makeup acts as an indicator for desperation, and can lead more deceptive men to try and get laid with the woman, and never call them back afterwards - so it even increases the likelihood of one be emotionally abused.
It even tells you that you must be FLAWLESS. Not even the slightest bit of error on your skin is permissible, otherwise you'll be ridiculed for your acne, or your scar you got when you were 7, or just that you don't look like a "slut".

Basically, it's one of those many aspects of culture that I just hate, and I wish someone would realize it's stupid and counterproductive. It's similar to how women are essentially forced through peer pressure to shave their legs, except this takes even more extra effort, and even ruins their skin because of all the paint and artificial stuff you use.

And it doesn't even look good. In fact, I hate it. On everyone. Always. What says you?
  • I hate makeup so much my rage could function as a second Sun for the solar system, and it causes self-esteem issues
    Vote A
  • Actually, makeup is so sexy that I love it more than my actual girlfriend, if she didn't wear it all the time I'd break up with her, and I wear it so men would finally realize I'm desperately trying to fetch at least one in my bedroom
    Vote B
  • Honestly, makeup is a part of culture and we should embrace how we teach our children that painting your face is the only value known to a woman and they're hideous otherwise
    Vote C
  • I see makeup as an artistic expression of my soul, and I honestly didn't see it the way you portray it here ever
    Vote D
  • Makeup is a waste of time but other than that I don't really care about it to begin with and have no problem with it either way
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Those who actually like makeup for self-expression should pick Vote D.
Those who wear it to attract guys should pick Vote B.
Those who appreciate it as a part of culture (I don't understand you at all) should pick Vote C.
Those who are neutral about makeup completely should pick Vote E.
Those who hate makeup from the bottom of their souls should pick Vote A.
If you can't appreciate a person for what they look like naturally, how can you even say you love them for who they are? I guess they don't, but I sure as well wouldn't want to be in a relationship with such a person.


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  • Unfortunately majority of women do wear make up. It's not going to change either. This is just one of those things that is the reality. Whether a girl wears some eyeliner or some this or that... it's still make up. Thumbs up to the girls who make themselves feel better by saying they *only* wear something though. Make up is make up. Either way, you are doing something that wasn't there to begin with. But back to the question, I wear make up cause it makes me feel happy, feminine and confident. I'm perfectly happy and thankful with the way I was made naturally but these days the sheer truth is that so many girls wear make up and guys pretty much always look at the girls who are beautifully make-upped and have made a effort. Most guys around here won't look twice at a bare faced Sally. But this is not the only reason I wear make up. I also wear make up for me and to show the world that I'm not lazy and make a effort with my appearance. People do all sorts of things to make themselves better... whether it's whitening their teeth, working out, getting waxed or shaving, getting a new hair cut etc etc etc. Most people are going to take advantage of something that can better them in some way or give them a boost of confidence. Also I'd like lastly inform you that good make up is not going to make a woman age any different. Many foundations for example have SPF in it and some foundations even treat acne while covering your blemishes. That's all from my side :)

    • Honestly, I make an effort with my appearance by washing my hair every day. Some people say it's probably bad for it, but I don't know. But that's just reiteration of basic hygiene, not actual face-painting.

      I find it silly how a person's value is determined based on the amount of time they spent painting their face. It seems awfully shallow, and the taste being quite twisted. If you can't appreciate a person for what they look like naturally, how can you even say you love them for who they are? I guess they don't, but I sure as well wouldn't want to be in a relationship with such a person.

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    • Wow... uh ^_^ thank you! Wasn't expecting this.

    • It wasn't that unexpected either.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I like variety. Sometimes none, sometimes light and sometimes lots.

    • Hmm... I just like none, none and none. Does that seem varied?

      Probably not. Oh well. :D

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  • i think it can make people look very nice if applied correctly. i wish i was better at applying it and didn't have sensitive skin so i could wear it more often. i do think that girls who wear it constantly and are ashamed of their face without makeup are insecure.

    • I think people who look very nice when applied correctly were exceptionally beautiful to begin with; it doesn't change neither your overall physique nor your facial bone structure.

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    • eyeliners certainly create an optical illusion that makes me want to not look at the person's eyes which is sad because eyes tend to be beautiful and then they go and ruin it with black and blue and green paint around it for some reason

    • aww I wishhhhh I lived closer!!! I love doing make up :) my friend is a professional so she has taught me lol

  • dude i voted E...i wear makeup only on weddings/work..otherwise i like to stay natural most of the time...and makeup is not good since it tends to clog pores..and damage natural skin texture...when my face is free of makeup i only use face cream with spf 50 to protect my skin because of the local climate

  • Your poll is too biased. I voted D anyway, but scratch the last part about me not understanding your point.
    I do understand your point, and I do realize that a lot of women, or even people, use makeup to hide themselves because they have low self-esteem. That can be very damaging to your perception of yourself, and it definitely does hinder you a little bit socially. Considering that there are a lot of women who refuse to be seen with makeup.
    But, as a whole? I don't hate makeup. I don't wear makeup because I want to hide myself. I wear it because I think it's fun. I love to draw, and I like to experiment with makeup to see what features of my face I can bring out etc. I only have 2 makeup faces, though. One for daily use and one for party use. But at home, when I'm bored, I love to try out various different things. It's a way for me to kill time, and it's fun to do when I'm bored.

    "... and assume that you have become more attractive to look at than how you were the way you were meant to look by nature."
    I don't think I look more attractive. I just look different, sometimes better and sometimes worse. Just because you were intended to look one way "by nature", it doesn't mean you're not allowed to experiment with makeup. What's so bad about wanting to bring out your best features? It's not always for insecurity reasons, you know. What's so bad about wanting to look good, or wanting to look different, in a healthy way?

    "for one thing most of these products accumulate in the skin and make you wrinkle much quicker and are completely unhealthy."
    And where exactly have you gotten this information? Because as far as I know, there are plenty of makeups that also double as moisturizers, lip balms, stuff that can actually help you get healthier skin. You should do some research before generalizing. Sunlight also makes you wrinkle quicker if you're excessively outside. Sunlight is actually the leading cause of prematurely aging skin. (continuing...)

    • Also, getting ridiculed for NOT looking like a "slut"? Are you kidding me? Do you live in another dimension? Far more women get ridiculed for looking like sluts. Not the opposite.

      Although I do agree that a lot of makeup companies push this idea that you don't look good enough without makeup, I have to disagree with you implying that it affects every woman. Because it doesn't. There are plenty of women who don't wear makeup at all, and those who only wear a little but still think it isn't essential. So to assume that wearing makeup somehow makes ALL women feel like they're worth less and that we ALL want to hide behind this mask of makeup, is kinda stupid. It's a generalization. It's also a generalization when you say that makeup is a sign of desperation. What the hell? Talk about stereotyping.
      All in all, I can see why you don't think makeup is necessary, but to hate it to the extent that you do is unnecessary. Some women just think wearing makeup is fun, without having been...

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    • I really hate eyeliner. It's what I notice. And I dislike it. I never like it. I can see it quite well, I'm not kidding.

    • Good thing I don't wear eyeliner then.

  • I like makeup, but natural makeup.
    Besides, it's not like I want to wear makeup everyday of my life.
    I have bad skin. If I don't use it, I feel ugly.
    Girls critize you. Tell you that you look bad, dead, or ask me if I didn't have time to wear makeup.
    Besides, what guy wants a girl without makeup? They want Victoria's secret makeup on a girl or up to Kim K makeup.
    There's media and Photoshop. Makes a girl feel she's not good enough even with makeup.
    Just like heroes feel more confident and secure for wearing a mask, a girl feels the same way with makeup.
    You won't see her acne, blemishes, scars, pores, redness, dark eye circles, etc.
    Makeup has been used for generations. It's a culture for women.
    If I think of it too much, and I feel gross when applying it.
    I don't want to wear makeup, but I have to.
    I don't have natural good looking skin.
    But I'm working on getting my skin close to it.
    Makeup can be fun, but it's a hassle at times. Either way, makeup is part of a woman's life. Whether she likes it or not, she'll have to wear it. Unless like I said, has amazing genes that their skin is flawless.

    • Told you it's peer pressure and self-loathe dammit and people are trying to prove me otherwise XD

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    • Thank you, doll (:
      But my friends don't judge me, they love me unconditionally. It's just the people outside my friend circle, society itself. That's the ugliest thing.

    • Well then tell them to shove the stick up their ass a bit deeper and rupture it hoping that would shut them up. I don't care for the opinion of those who do nothing but criticise me and my decisions with no valid reason behind it. I must be the filter to the noise: if I know better, I won't let them persuade me into something stupid.

  • You're very uneducated on the subject.
    I use extremely high quality cosmetics and have a superb skin care routine in place.
    Make up does not age you more. And it shouldn't cause any skin problems. You're wrong there.
    I can spend 30 minutes doing a full face of make up and no one could tell I'm even wearing any. "No make up" make up is a skill.
    If you're not trying to do a bold face and someone can see your foundation for example then you're shitty at putting it on. It's not make ups fault. It's your fault.

    I love make up. It's one of my passions. BUT I'm well aware it doesn't define me as a person and I don't feel any less attractive without it. Make up doesn't teach women that were only values for our looks. I'm not really sure where you'd get that idea.

    If anything it's freedom of expression. Just like choosing your outfits. People accept me for who I am and I'm well aware no one and nothing is forcing me to buy $50 lipstick. But I want to so that's that. You're over analyzing.

    • "and I don't feel any less attractive without it."

      I'm glad!

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    • I really hate eye liner, that's what I know :P

    • No. You hate the way most people do eyeliner. Which is for the most part wrong. It can be used just to make your lashes look fuller if you're applying it correctly. :p
      It's fine though. I forgive you! (;

  • I vote D, even though I see and understand your points. Bot your hate though. I mean, it's not like you, as a guy, have to wear makeup when you don't want to...

    I'll go back to a long time ago, when women chew some kind of leaves to stain their lips red. Women who did that probably got more male attention, so other women who have never done that before started doing it. And so on and so forth it develops into this industry that works with tons of chemicals.

    Bottom line is: every woman just wants to look pretty. That's the basic thing and it applies to all women of all centuries and ages.

    Another bottom line: men like pretty women. And men don't care what women go through, as long as they're pretty. Think about the corsets. How women can't breathe and even get their ribs broken in order to look skinny?

    It's all about finding mates. If male horses fight against each other to show the female who'se stronger and have better genes, then makeup is part of this game in human females.

    It may seem fake to you, but if you tell other guys to answer honestly whether or not they like a girl with makeup, most would probably say (if they're REALLY honest!!!) that they don't care about makeup or no makeup, as long as she's pretty.

    Be honest with yourself here: would you be attracted to a woman who doesn't do anything to her face, not even pluck her eyebrows or wear some nice lipbalm?

    I think makeup, if done correctly and moderately, is a good thing and is not hurting anybody. Plus, it can show your personality to the world, just like you said in poll option D.

    • "Be honest with yourself here-would you be attracted to a woman who doesn't do anything to her face not even pluck her eyebrows or wear some nice lipbalm? "

      Yes. In fact, most likely even sooner than someone who does otherwise.

      As for your other points, then cultural mate-finding is broken. Breaking ribs to look "pretty" by being skinnier than you are? Being deceptive and self-harming in order to reach a goal that's counter-productive (even the word "voluptuous" means 'sexually attractive, *curvy*'!) Same with painting your face, is it really making you prettier? Or do you just have paint on your face? I vote for the latter. Even if culturally speaking it's meant to be a multiplication factor for your overall perceived beauty, I hate how people are pretty much brainwashed into accepting that you need all these things to seem "prettier", because that implies you are not "Pretty" enough in your natural form. I find this terrible for self-esteem, and for gender relations as a whole.

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    • I want to tell them that they're okay the way they are and that I'd make out with their face without seeming completely creepy about it. At least they'd realize that they have options even without the false facade.

      It's a strange assumption to make that "only the guys that no other girl wants approaches you without makeup". There is absolutely no guarantee that a guy who has to approach you in general is someone anyone wants, HE'S NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP, HE IS SINGLE. Seriously. If he was wanted, he'd be frickin' taken.

    • Daph is the SHITTT!!! haha sorry if not many people don't use that term anymore lol

  • Haha, a psycho person over analyzing (or so others say) a topic to the point of seeing it from 5 perspectives and then going crazy. Hello fellow crazy person. Welcome to ku ku land. We have cookies. =)

    I got used to it. For me it's not just make up. It's the entire persona people present for others. Make up is just the visible mask. The one that bothers me is the mask put on their thoughts and feelings.

    Though unlike you, I never rage about it. I get it. It's scary to be rejected for everything you really are, as much as it is desirable to be accepted for it. Not everyone dares take the risk.

    Unless you are completely honest and open to everyone about who you are, condemning make up and getting angry is kind of hypocritical.

    And if you are really the most honest person, then your expectations are too high. It's ok to push for the best from the world around you, but it's not ok to expect the best and rage when you don't get it. The world doesn't owe you anything, it was here first.

    In short: Chill dude.

    • It's worth it for the cookies. Also, if I and other people didn't expect the world to owe us more than it provides, women still wouldn't have rights to be more than kitchen decoration and baby incubators.

      Also, I do not lie about who I am, I just don't tell them what they don't need to know. That is a less dishonest approach, in my opinion. And my physical image is to make me be happy with myself, and not to make others think more of me for something I'm not (a painted faced person, in this specific case).

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    • I wasn't smartass enough to pick up on the anti-bait :(

      I don't know. There's a lot of weirdness going on in Muslim families. I've even heard of women getting disowned from the family for having a better job than working at a frickin' fast food restaurant, or dating a non-Muslim boy. It's extremely restrictive: but I don't have any actual second-hand knowledge of it, only third, which is why I don't really like discussing it with strong opinions.

    • The average Muslims aren't any different than any other average person from the West. Customs are different, mannerisms and certain behaviors. But their lives are increasingly similar to ours and they live with the same sense of indignation in regards to how we live.

      You can't talk about some specific situation describing crazy people to observe the Muslim world. That would be like them turning on Jerry Springer Show and saying: "Look at these insane, depraved Westernes."

      It's just not fair. xD

  • LOL well those selections kind of sucked no offense lol

    I think, if worn the right way, it actually can enhance your features and make things stand out. for example, blush can make your cheeks stand out if you have high cheekbones (so it enhances it) and eye make up enhances your eyes and can make them pop :)
    No it isn't needed at all! But, sometimes it is nice to wear it, as for me, when I go to formal attire places, it makes me look more put together.

    • oh and for the ones with rounder faces, bronzer helps contour the face to make it look thinner :) see, it has its uses ;) and women can wear makeup without it being noticed. It will look natural, but sometimes it isn't :)

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    • Nope. I don't even keep track of them though, they're essentially just people; nothing really special, especially not as special as they are made to be seen.

    • well YAY something we agree on :D

  • My only opinion is that you are taking makeup way too seriously. Relax dud, it is literally just a material object that some people choose to utilize, and it does not impact you, or your life. I wear makeup because it is fun to me-- I'm an art student and to me it feels like wearing my own art. I don't expect you to like it, and I really couldn't care less if you did.

    My only advice for you is to take a chill pill, and let people do whatever makes them happy as long as no one is getting hurt.

    • Although I dislike makeup, I have nothing against those who use it as an artistic expression. It's really just paint, so it's not surprising one would use it as such. I just don't like it when people feel obligated otherwise they won't "feel pretty enough".

    • Yeah I understand that. I wear it every day, and I think it makes me look better, but I don't think my looks determine what kind of person I am. I feel more confident in my appearance, but not myself as a whole. Many people confuse that.

    • That's pretty deep. I won't and can't argue with that.

  • That's the very reason why I don't cake my face with make up. I still want to look like me but just enhanced lol. The only things I wear is Vaseline for my lips, blusher and eye pencil. If I was feeling extra adventurous that day I would slap on mascara.

    Having that if others girls want to wear it that's tottaly I just prefer not to.

    • Vaseline? What does that do?

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    • Blusher and eye pencil are makeup though. I can't tell if it's for the better, but I'd vote for no. Why darken the eyes? It just make one look like they haven't slept in ages.

  • I love makeup. I can't be bothered wearing it all the time, but when I do I enjoy it. It's just fun to play with, and I feel great with it on. Badly applied makeup makes me seethe though.

  • I never wear make up, my sister cakes it on, when she takes it off she looks like a person that's been shooting meth with dark circles under her eyes. You'll regret it in the future...the only thing I'll wear is eyeliner, lip gloss, and sometimes mascara.

  • Hun, It's not makeup. It's a LOT of makeup. I've noticed that what most guys consider to be 'no makeup'is really just natural makeup. If you've ever seen a girl with no makeup at all you'd probably cry. A lot of makeup on the other hand is very different. Some people know how to do it, some don't. Girls wear makeup because it makes them feel and look prettier, fresher, and all around better than when they wake up in the morning. It's a fact. Women are pressured into believing that if they don't look flawless, they're not acceptable; in the same way that guys are constantly pressured to be stoic and tough. And besides, it doesn't look like you did much research on the subject. Some makeup is very good for the skin, and applying it isn't at all just smothering paint on your face.

    • "If you've ever seen a girl with no makeup at all you'd probably cry."

      Nope, my GF does not wear makeup ever, EVER and it makes me a happy panda :3

      "because it makes them feel and look prettier,"
      exactly the problem, they rely on paint to make them feel better about themselves

      "guys are constantly pressured to be stoic and tough"
      I remember that... it took a while to question it, realize it's stupid and grow the f*** out of it. It wasn't too long ago either. Unfortunately. I wish it had never even occurred to me, I don't even know where I learned it from that men have to be emotionless. Ugh.

      "Some makeup is very good for the skin"
      Some, not all, and most of it is technically paint (eye shadow eye liner mascara lipstick etc)

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    • But the question is, do they feel comfortable because if they don't do it, they'll be ridiculed. Because that's how it is with shaving your legs, for example. I assume that's exactly how make up is forced upon people as well, and why people don't wear socks with sandals.

    • It varies from person to person. Some do it because of that, sure, but most people do it for themselves. I put on makeup and shave my legs because I like how it makes me look and feel. Hair on my legs just feels gross and itchy to me, and makeup always makes me feel prettier and more confident in the morning.

  • Make up comes in handy when i look shitty.

    p.s. I only use organic make up 😜. Foundation and a lipstick. 😘

    • I always look amazing, all I need to do is wash my hair. I'm not a fan of lipstick, I'm neutral to foundation. However, thumbs up for the organic stuff :)

  • I don't like your poll options. Personally I like and wear makeup on a regular basis and even want to be a make up artist. I can see were you are coming from though and I semi agree, but it doesn't change the fact I like it.

  • I have suffered with skin afflictions (eczema, acne, perioral/ocular dermatitis) my whole life and as a result I have scarring on my face. My skin is finally clear but the skin issues have done their damage.
    Call me shallow, but I wear a light mineral powder makeup as a result. I have gotten weird looks going natural, and people often ask about the spots. As much as it eases my mind knowing I'm not getting funny looks for it, I do it for me because I like the way my skin looks and feels. It finally looks "normal" which is something I can't say about it for 95% of my life.
    It makes me feel better to have it on and I don't think that's inherently wrong...

    • For the record, I go natural around my boyfriend all the time, and he doesn't care either way. He loved me when my face was red, bumpy, and constantly in pain, and he loves me now.

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    • It's a light "foundation". Not a coverall, but hides some imperfections and even improves on them. But nothing goes on my face that has any ingredients I can't pronounce.

    • Oh, I see! I probably wouldn't even notice that, which is cool, really useful stuff. What I dislike about the paint things is that it emphasizes stuff in such a way that it feels "off" to me... so yeah. The ingredient limitation makes perfect sense :D there's no way all that paint doesn't wear skin down over time.

  • Im neutral...it can enhance beauty but i do prefer to go natural myself. Makeup is not good for skin and i want beautiful skin even in old age.

    • Thumbs up for skin health preservation!

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    • Well I'm 21 and people think I'm 12. Make up or no make up. Oil breaks me out. Coconut or otherwise so I must be doing something right too :p
      I don't buy "hype" either. I do a lot of research before I buy something and make sure it's not bad for me and if it is I'll know straight away because my skin flares up.

    • Good for u..im comfortable in my own skin without makeup.

  • I don't enjoy wearing make-up, the time it takes to apply it properly, the care you have to take with it and the feeling of walking with it the whole day, but I have to. Everyone treats you differently when you do. It's that simple, you're in the minority.

    But then I also know guys who defend girls shouldn't wear heels because it's bad for their spine and stuff, but who're they hitting on? Heh

    • It's bad for your spine? I assumed it was bad for your feet. There's no way it's natural to be standing and walking like that.

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    • I don't know. I wouldn't wear something comfortable just to "be prettier", I mean, who said heels make you prettier to begin with, WHAT IF THEY DON'T? Kinda like the same with makeup, really. Is it REALLY more attractive? I vote for no. It just seems silly to wear heels that high, you can literally be swayed down to the ground by the wind.

    • Well, there are many situations where you can't really choose not to wear those as a woman, being it work or attending an event, wedding, etc.
      Of course you don't have to wear the really high ones, but you can't go with flats either. It's not just about looking prettier, but even feminine?

      Then I guess it also depends on where you live as well.
      Here guys seem to like laces, glitter, skirts, heels, make-up and overall fashion even more than I do! I've requests to let my hair grow longer, use a certain color/ type of eyeshadow, etc. and these are just friends!^^;;

  • I don't like make-up and also feel like it's all shallow but I will simply fill in my eyebrows and put on some lip gloss, nothing much. Overkill I think is what you're really talking about, when a women takes 1-2 hours doing make-up, I think that's pretty crazy myself!

    When it's overdone, it doesn't look pretty, it makes someone look uglier.

  • I don't wear make up. I have an allergy. My eyes get burn. I don't do it. So i get used to my look in this way.
    Those who like to do; i understand. Because many guys look the face and since they don't have any idea how extend a make up can go; they become attracted. Girls usually do it for attraction; no blame at all. Guys are obsessed with beauty, so what do you expect?
    If there is a demand, there will be a provider.

    • But deceit won't make you more beautiful.

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    • Well those guys are kinda stupid, then. They either are deceived by false looks, or value the effort that someone hid themselves. The only exception is artistic self-expression, but most people don't seem to be doing it for that.

    • As I said below,
      "If you can't appreciate a person for what they look like naturally, how can you even say you love them for who they are? I guess they don't, but I sure as well wouldn't want to be in a relationship with such a person."

  • I wear a small bit of eyeshadow and mascara. Other than that, I will not cover my entire face in that goop. It's heavy and makes me feel fake and unattractive. My face isn't perfect and that's fine, I don't want to cover it up and look fake. I really don't want to be one of those girls that constantly wears so much make up that you don't recognize her when she takes it off.

    But to each their own. People can do whatever they want with their face, doesn't effect me. Unfortunately, the culture we live in tells girls that they can only be beautiful if they wear a face full of make up. It sucks and it's dumb but that's how it is.

    • "Unfortunately, the culture we live in tells girls that they can only be beautiful if they wear a face full of make up. It sucks and it's dumb but that's how it is."

      That's exactly what I was saying! It should be a choice, not an obligation. People are forced to use makeup, and learn to accept it and disregard the conditioning that led there to begin with.

  • You realize that every single aspect of your poll is saying that makeup is bad, there is absolutely no point to that poll. And I don't see why you are hating on makeup so much. Makeup helps girls with their self esteem. I'm pretty sure letting girls put a little mascara, maybe some eyeshadow, and a little eyeliner is worth it for letting girls feel pretty and enjoy themselves. They way you are portraying makeup in your question is saying that every single girl is just smothering themselves with it. You literally said that girls are grabbing point and smothering it on their head. Most girls don't even wear that much makeup. Are you really getting angry at girls for trying to feel pretty and have a good self esteem. Makeup is by telling girls they have to be flawless, it's simply helping them feel prettier. It's not stupid and counterproductive unless you think that girls shouldn't be allowed to feel pretty and have a self esteem.

  • One time I was checking out at the grocery store and the cashier was fairly old...probably late 60's. She had amazingggg skin. It was just so smooth and flawless. I commented on it and she just said that she had never worn makeup all her life.
    This experience confirmed for me that makeup probably is worse for our face over time, but I still wear it because my own skin is not as awesome as this woman's.

    My job demands that I wear minimal makeup (I'm supposed to look natural) and therefore the most you see me wearing is foundation and mascara, but I will tell you that before I had this job I would wear lots of eye makeup and lashes and I always got complimented more than I do now.

    • "This experience confirmed for me that makeup probably is worse for our face over time, but I still wear it because my own skin is not as awesome as this woman's."

      Honestly that's some mad twisted logic, that's like saying 'I've been told that this person has a really high capacity for air in their lungs and it's because they've never smoked cigarettes before, but my lungs don't have as much capacity so I may as well smoke them. IT'S NOT AS GOOD? I MAY AS WELL MAKE IT WORSE!'

      Just because you were complimented more it doesn't mean you were more attractive. It's cultural for some reason that the makeup users get complimented, but every time that happens I frown, as it's just perpetuating this silly and in the long term apparently self-destructive behavior.

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    • That lady probably just had good genes and/or took care of herself. Not wearing makeup would not have anything to do with it.

    • It's probably both.

  • I like makeup it is fun. I also like to put on lipstick for forplay reasons that is even more fun.

  • I like makeup :/

  • Lol good thing I don't wear makeup :p

  • I love makeup and I wear it everyday

    • "Artistic", i guess you voted "D", huh. That's the one I won't argue about. :p

    • I didn't even vote in the poll, I just said my opinion.
      And I use makeup because i enjoy it.
      I only out artistic down on my profile because I'm a film student. I am by no means an artist like painting or something lol trust me.

  • Okay that's all well and fine but I have bad acne and if you try and tell me I look better with glaring red spots all over my face as opposed to what I look like with concealer on and a touch of blush on my cheeks I will laugh in your face.

    • what does the blush have to do with the acne?

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    • Also, I think make up not meant for correctional purposes enhances beauty. Things that are aesthetically pleasing make people naturally happier and more attracted to the thing. #science

    • But who said paint is aesthetically pleasing? Or that it's more pleasing than someone's natural look?

  • I don't wear makeup. I don't even wear lipstick or lip gloss anymore. There's some days when I want a little color to my lips, but I just scrub my lips to make them pinker. I just apply regular chapstick to my lips and noxzema to my face and keep it moving.

    I don't rely on makeup b/c I hate seeing girls wearing makeup on IG and then they say natural beauty, but they photoshop their pics, contour their nose, and just follow the beauty trends just to get likes. I saw this one girl who's beautiful but in real life, she looks nothing like her pics. She's still beautiful without the makeup, but the makeup just made her look completely different. She doesn't even need makeup but with the makeup on, it looks like she had plastic surgery. It made me mad a little b/c it's like she's putting on a front. And it's just vanity really. I don't wear makeup or attempt to b/c I'm lazy but also b/c I don't want to attempt to look a certain way that I wasn't born to look like. I'm happy with my face. I don't need to look like Kim Kardashian

  • Makeup should be applied to enhance features, not warp or hide them

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  • Bro that's the world we live in an extremely large percent of women you see wear that shit on their face. I doubt you will ever see a woman without makeup unless it's your girlfriend and you both just woke up.

    • Luckily, she doesn't use makeup, and I love her the way she is, and I dislike makeup so that just makes the lack of makeup even better :P And if no one complains, the world will stay that way. :|

  • like with women and their body hair, i only consider it a bonus when they wear it. the only body hair i require her to shave, is down there. if im going to go down on her, i shouldn't be getting pubic hair in my mouth. i mean obviously if she doesn't want me going down on her, she can keep it hairy if she wants, i just dont need that shit in my mouth. i keep mine relatively shaved too for anyone who thinks that's a double standard. the rest of her body (arms, legs, face even) if she shaves it off, it's a bonus. we are naturally hairy. we evolved, so what's a little hair, right?

    well, same with makeup. everything but one little thing i require, is a bonus. if im going to be going out with her, i want her skin to look pretty flawless which means no blemishes etc..if there's makeup out there that helps hide them, then i will require that. lipstick, eye shadow etc..all a bonus to me. shouldn't be looking like a clown though, which means, don't over do it ladies. by the way, i try to take care of my skin to the best of my ability too, in case you're wondering about double standdards. blemishes come and go but since guys don't really wear makeup, they're more noticeable when you dont do anything about them

  • You're probably having an "analysis paralysis" issue. Girls wear make up because they like it.

    • if this is about "assertation of feminininity" then i think i'll hide underneath a rock and hibernate for a thousand years or something

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    • Advertising hell yeah. See "Killing Us Softly 4", it's even better than 'Miss Representation'.

    • Oops those boxes were arrows lol

  • Agreed with the title of this question. Because it does cause self esteem issues.

    From what I have heard my gf tell me because we discussed this subject some time ago. Because I told her she didn't have to use makeup, do her eyebrows or shave her legs.

    She then proceeded to tell me that girls in high school tell other girls in high school they should do that stuff.

    Stuff like; wear makeup/do their eyebrows/shave their armpits and legs - or they are not cool.

    I always notice makeup/concealer because it has a slightly different color and 'thickness' than the surrounding skin.

    For special occasions it is cool though, because it's clear that they've put effort into their appearance.

    In that aspect I think LESS IS MORE. Make it obvious you are wearing makeup, but only two kinds or so.
    Like a mascara - lipstick combo.

    • Coolness is ever so subjective. People need to do things that they like. There will always be naysayers. Even I'm a naysayer for makeup. Doing your eyebrows is such a terrible idea. I personally am semi-okay with foundation because that can be quite hard to see if applied properly, but everything else gives off an artificial vibe.
      Just look at https://i.imgur.com/clEZ9DK.jpg this girl's eyelashes at the edges, she reminds me of a frickin' doll. I hate it so much, and I hate how girls hate themselves without looking like it.

    • Lol, I agree that eyebrows don't have to be trimmed THAT much. It's like a hairstyle for an eyebrow.

      But I don't HATE it either though. I just dislike how much importance women give it.

      I actually saw a picture of my gf before she did her eyebrows and thought she looked sick sexy with it. That's what sparked the discussion between us..

  • I like natural beauty. But I think, things like foundation is okay.

  • I really don't over think about it that much.

  • I don't like it either, but they all wear it c'est la vie.

    • Haha, that makes it easier to find the outliers and we can approach them >:)

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