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Help! How does my friend know if a guy likes her?


My friend, S, has been asking for my advice with a guy. She is a senior in high school and is trying to figure out where she is going to go to college, and has been meeting with alumni and current students at her top contender schools she's considering. Last weekend, she met with a previous classmate for coffee to ask about his college. Both of them went with their moms to this meeting. She said that the meeting went good and that they talked for 2.5 hours but she is confused about whether or not he likes her. I guess while they were taking his mom invited her and her mom to a concert in September or October, and then he invited her to a football game next month (he plays football) and told her he would show her around his favorite spots after her tour of his college she is going on this week and to let him know if she has any more questions. I feel like it is important to note that she liked/likes? (I don't know fs but my guess is she still does) this guy last year. I also think that it is important to note that she knows his mom because of something that their moms are apart of. She has been asking me for advice on whether or not he likes her (she is his type based all on previous girlfriend's and similar interests) and I thought that maybe he did until I heard through the grapevine today that he's dating someone else. She has been asking me for advice on it all week but I don't know what to tell her and I can't ask anyone else since she asked me to not say anything (hence why I tried to go anonymous with this). I haven't told her yet about what I heard (about the girlfriend) but am going to before she sees him after her tour this weekend. SO, does he like her? Is she just being delulu and reading into things too much? How do I help her?

He likes her
He doesn't like her/he is just being nice
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Help! How does my friend know if a guy likes her?
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