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Why I surrounded by cheap men?

Why I surrounded by males that don’t want serious relationships. I saw how other girls treated like princess by boyfriends. They pay for expensive meals, make presents and just happy to be around her. While nobody ever was interested in me. I still have crush on guy who let me split the bill when we met in restaurant. It was just “friends meeting” and I invited him by myself so what should I expected. But I’m still having crush on guy who didn’t even do bare minimum for me while other girls choosing among several guys. I blocked that guy by myself but still want to text cause I feel like at least we could be friends.
And I try to meet with men of other nationalities on language exchange app. But most of them don’t want to meet in real life.
And weirdest thing is people say that between 18 and 20 it’s prime years of girl when she receives most of attention. Well I never received any attention at any age lol. I think I’m not that ugly to be not approached at least ones😭 I’m cute so I don’t understand why.
Why I surrounded by cheap men?
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