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Was I too hard on my exe's new boyfriend?

Me and my ex were together for some time, after the death of my girlfriend before her.

She kept me comforted and helped me get through it. Once I felt well enough, or so I thought, I wanted us to give it a try. But it became apparent that she didn't love me the way I loved her, and eventually, she broke it off, on good terms.

We contacted eachother now and then, just to catch up on how our families are doing. I asked her how her mom was doing, but instead of a reply from her, a guy claiming to be her boyfriend said "stop talking to my b! tch, I fuck her good".

Hearing that hurt, that message told me all I need to know about her boyfriend, if she considers him so. It tells me that he doesn't respect her, and doesn't consider the act of mating as a special thing that people who love eachother share with one another.

Although, I've moved on from her, and I'm in a new relationship, I invested just a little too much to ever not have any feelings at all for her. But most of them are me wanting her and her family to do well, and it's apparent to me that who she's with now doesn't respect her, and she deserves a man who does.

It didn't seem that she was much interested in talking to me, anyways, so I'll oblige, I won't talk to her, anymore. However, I received a call, and when I asked who it was, he told me it's "my exe's name" new boyfriend, and he said, "Look, my name is" But I quickly cut him off by saying "I don't need your name, my first impression of you tells me all about who you are. I have no wish to speak to you". Before hanging up.

He's made no attempts since then. For me to have such a strong dislike for a person to not even want to converse with them is quite an insult. But I figured that a strong insult, combined with my brushing him off, is all he deserves from me.

I wonder if I let my emotions get the best of me, I'm not an emotional person, but when it comes to love, I can't help but be a little emotional. Was I too mean?
Was I too hard on my exes new boyfriend?
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Was I too hard on my exe's new boyfriend?
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