He only texts me once a day?

So I lterally just met this guy through mutual friends. It was a set up. I think he is cool and yeah, I suppose I am into him. Is it normal that he only texts once a day? He always initiates it and I always make him have the last word ( I don't carry the conversation), but he won't text again later on the day. AM I trying too hard to get? When should a girl start intiating conversations? And is it fine that he only texts once a day and won't text again unless I carry on the conversation?


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  • I think it's a good sign that he initiates the texts, it would be a bad thing if it started to be only you doing the initiating. IHe might just be the kind of guy that only does text once a day, I don't think that should be the determining factor whether he likes you or not. You could prob start texting him occasionally so there is a balance between the two of you. He texts you, you text him. Just don't get to the point that its just you doing all tghe initiation. But to me it swounds like everything is on the right track!

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