Who do you think should pay for a date?

I stand by my belief that this is 2011, and that things should be equal. This means, equal sacrifices included, but I am asking to know what everyone else thinks.

1. Who do you think should pay on a first date? If the guy asks the girl out.

2. Should a girl ask a guy out? and if so who should pay on that date?

3. Who do you think should pay after the first date?

4. Who usually pays after the first date in your experience?

5. What is your reason for thinking this?

6. If one person pays more than the other, how is that favour returned?

7. Who should pay if one of you was short on money?

8. Who should pay when it was one person's birthday?

9. Who should pay on special holidays and occasions?

10. What do you think of these gender roles?

Now here are some gender-specific questions


11. Would you offer to pay half or for your part of the date if he was going to pay?

12. How would you react if he accepted this offer on the first date?

13. How would you react if he accepted this offer after the first date?

14. How would you react if a guy expected you to pay your part on the first date?

15. How would you react if a guy expected you to pay your part after the first date, if he still though he should pay?

16. Have you ever asked a guy out? Who did you expect to pay? Who ended up paying?

17. Would you feel uncomfortable with a guy paying for you all the time?


11. What would your reaction be if a girl offered to pay her part on the first date? (if you asked her out)

12. What would your reaction be if a girl DIDN'T offer to pay her part on the first date? (if you asked her out)

13. What would your reaction be if a girl offered to pay her part after the first date? (if you asked her out)

14. What would your reaction be if a girl DIDN'T offer to pay her part after the first date? (if you asked her out)

15. If a girl asked you out, and expected you to pay, how would you react? Would you consider dating her again?


Please provide reasons and give details for what you think especially if it could annoy people. No trolling please! I am using anonymous to avoid flamers, but I may turn off anonymous if this question doesn't turn into a flamewar.


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  • To be honest I think you should go halves! If the guys trating the girl for her birthday or something then its nice for him to pay!

    But if not I think its totally unfair to expect thr guy to pay all the time!


    • Agreed, except the treating for birthday thing should go both ways. I agree though this is 2011.

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  • I'm kinda old fashioned and think the guy should pay for the first date. After that, I'm more than happy to split.

    • What if the girl does the asking out?

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    • I wouldn't *make* you pay, but if we went out and you made a big deal about it I would cover my end of the bill and then probably not go out with you again. Also, don't call me sexist; I make sandwiches for boys ALL the time. :)

    • I would dump you the split second you asked me to pay just because I had a penis. No need for you to dump me.

      Two wrongs don't make a right, sexism towards both genders should be gotten rid of, but at least you're not the type of person who expects someone else to follow gender roles while you don't follow yours, but like I said neither needs to. Just remember that if you want to be old fashioned when it comes to gender roles, let the guy know and don't expect him to be a mind reader.


    Who SHOULD pay? Whoever wants to!

    If you don't ever want to pay the way for a girl, then don't. And stop asking other people's opinions. You are never going to get a 100% agreement that you are right.

    Just do what you want. But you had better tell her up front, because most girls won't expect it, so if you are man enough to split the bill, be man enough to tell her before the date so she can:

    1. bring along money.

    2. decide if she wants to date you, it is her choice if she wants to.

    And NO! I am not a whiny-*ss woman who expects a man to pay my way. For 30+ years of marriage, I paid half of all the bills, and always picked up the bill when we ate out.

    But with you, I think you are just cheat. It's a date & you are talking about sacrifices. Give me a break. If you can't afford to date...Don't!

    • Stop asking? This is the first time I ever asked this question on here, idiot.

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    • You called my cheap. How is she not cheap?

    • If having a penis isn't the reason why I should pay, then what the hell is?

  • its all about courting. men suppose to court the female. this is the way it suppose to work but men these days don't believe in work. they think we suppose to give you some booty just because. or they think we suppose to give them some booty just because they bye us dinner. my goods are worth more then dinner at applebees.

    men also want it to be equal when it comes to finance but when it comes to other things they want the say so because they are a man.

    now I'm not so unreasonable. if it is my idea to go out to dinner or where ever then I will pay for it. but traditonally the man suppose to pay

    • I'm talking about relationships, not sex.

    • Also, you're kinda generalizing all guys by implying they only want sex. That may be true for a lot of guys, but not all.

  • Holy crap. Sorry, but I'm not going through all those question, LOL.

    Just one thing: whomever initiates the first date should pay. Any subsequent dates should be paid for by both people (or one person pays this time, the other pays the next time, and so on). If you can't afford a night/day out, then you can easily have a date that requires spending no money at all, and will still be fun.

    • Good thing you realize this is the 2011. If you want, you can look at the questions and just answer the ones you feel like answering.

  • okay so a guy should pay.. I'm very old fashioned and believe that the guy should be a gentleman and pay for the bill, yess it is 2011 but that's just the way I think... although the girl shouldn't just expect him to pay she should be prepared to aswell. and if they continue to go out then even it out a bit the girl can pay any night and the guy can pay another

    • What are your other old fashioned views?

      A lot of girls who say that aren't old fashioned at all, just when it benefits them.

    • well I just believe that the guy should treat the woman right, if he is taking her on a date, he should pay .. go pick her up and be curtious and nice

  • the guy should pay.

    • I was going to get annoyed, then I realized you were just a troll trying to p*ss me off. Ha! Ha!

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