Why would she text me out of the blue?

So this girl I went on a few dates with texts me out of the blue. We haven't spoken since like November. We never went beyond like a dry hump but there was definitely physical chemistry between us. She lied about having a boyfriend and it got weird between us after she told me. I noticed her FB picture is now just her where before it was her and the guy so I think she's single now but I'm not sure. We aren't friends so I don't see her relationship status. She texts me up and I didn't have her number anymore (deleted) so at first I thought she was someone else. She starts asking me about how things are going and general small talk and even makes fun of me and I give right back. Eventually I just stop responding and leave it at that. She tried to say she was just "going through her phone to clean out numbers" but I didn't believe it. Why would she text me like this?


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  • Huh, well first I'd ask how long ago it was that she changed her profile pic. If your hunch that she and her boyfriend broke up is right, you might not want to trust her right now. Supposing this is the case, even if she isn't intentionally trying to use you as a rebound or just to feel better, girls right after a relationship are just kind of good to keep your distance from since it takes a couple months at least for their emotions to go back to normal.

    While I personally am more guyish in the fact that, were that me saying that I was just going through my numbers, I'd be completely serious. If I'm going through my contacts and I realize I haven't heard from someone in eons, I'll just text and see what's up.

    So that could be the case. She could be an outlier too, who knows.

    However, if she does just have a normal chick brain, she's texting you for a reason, and I think that reason is very dependent on her current relationship status and how recent it is. If she just went through a breakup, you might be dealing with what I mentioned before. If she's still dating the guy, the relationship might be stagnating and she's just looking for a bit of fun with you.

    My Spidey Senses say that something a little sketch might be up, but the only way you can be sure would probably be to FB friend her and probably keep texting her. Just make sure that you don't let yourself become interested until you know exactly what you're dealing with.

    Hope that helped!


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