Touchy feely on a first date?

This guy seems to like me but when we finally met, I thought he was way to touchy feely. He may have might have been like a fairly nice guy but he touched me on my leg twice and the two times he hugged me, he kissed me on my neck wtf. The second time he did the neck kissing I told him it was getting late. He even said that although his feet were small not everything was small. Really? Then he proceeded to tell me that his Acura hadn't been working because the dealer put too little transmission fluid in it, so he had to switch to his "Lexus" until he had a chance to get some fluid. Does he think the make of his car would impress me or maybe it was the fact he had two cars that he financed (I don't know about the financing part but I'm just saying) I haven't spoken to him about the touchy feely yet but I will. But I would like to know some honest opinions. Do you think I should just go with it to see where it goes or leave it alone because he is clearly just after sex.


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  • Well id say to see where it goesif you like him but I think he is just after sex

    • I don't know if I like him yet. I am the type of person who falls for the personality. That's how I am sure I really like someone. It usually takes some times to see someone's true personality.

    • Well this guy has probably been found on the internet if that is the case take option two

What Girls Said 1

  • Sweetie, he pretty much told you what he's looking for already. 1. Its a first date, umm, no touchy feely kissy NADA. 2. He's telling you about his "size"? really? 3. Who cares if its a Lexus, a Kia or a flippin Schwin.

    Basically, he doesn't respect you and is looking to get in your pants. If it were me, I probably would have told him he was being disrespectful and walked away the first time he got out of hand. A call back?!?! NO WAY

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