"it was fun while it lasted", does that mean "it's over?"

had a 3 month fling with a guy. I'm going to school so I don't think it would have lasted much longer anyway, but I told him I didn't feel ready to take things to the next level physically. he was cool about it and we said no hard feelings between us and he said "it was fun while it lasted" and that he felt a little awkward.

we texted one last time the next day and I said "it was fun" and he said "it was" but I didn't know what else to say so I didn't answer and that was days ago. so I thought it was all over.

but then yesterday I ran into him and he texted me and wanted to meet up. why would he do this?


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  • Yes, that's usually a statement of finality, though it seems tacky to use it when describing a relationship, epecially tacky telling your ex that.

    • it wasn't a serious relationship more like a fling that's why. we dated and fooled around a bit but didn't sleep together and we talked a lot. it was more of a fun thing but I got attached. but why do you think he wanted to meet up again? maybe I was acting like I was still into him? or maybe he was hoping I would hook up?

    • Then it makes sense. He enjoyed being with you, having fun, but, I'm guessing, you guys are going your separate ways.

      If he enjoyed your company, I'm sure he will want to see you again, and if he finds you attractive I'm sure he would have liked hooking up.

  • Sounds like he want to have "fun" one last time with you.

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