Extended words in text messages and IMs?

I am just curious about if it means anything special when a girl uses a lot of extra letters during texting and instant messaging. For example a girl that I have been talking to might say "Byyyyyyyyyye" or "i have to go to sleeeeeep" at the end of a convo or start by saying "heyyyyy". Does this mean that she likes or is attracted to me or is it just a simple stylistic thing that girls tend to do? Thank you ladies!
Would the same thing apply if she did it with my name?


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  • Okay like how old is she? It could be a stylish thing girls her age do, but that seems too childish to me.

    • She is 22 years old. is that a little to childish for that age?

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    • Mostly just text and I'm when we don't hang out in person. does that have anything to do with it? by the way every once in a while I get a text early in the morning before work that just says my name with extended letters but when I respond it takes here a long time to get back and its usually just a word or two..

    • Well, she is showing that she likes you, but by the time you text back could be that she is busy at that time or she was bored and needed someone to talk to at that time.

      She doesn't know how to keep a conversation going just try to keep it going by asking what she was doing that day...etc.

      One more thing, flip the script on her by imitating her and see how she reacts.

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  • It could go either way, some girls do it to flirt and some talk like that to everyone. The "heyyyyy" normally means she wants you, or is really drunk (or both) but if she does it a lot it might be that it's the way she texts/IMs. Maybe you can see how she talks online publicly or to other people?

  • It means she's excited and she's trying to let you know how she would talk in real life. Imagine a "hey" compared to a "heyyyyyy". The first one is monotous. By doing the 2nd she makes herself sound excited.

  • thats just friendly way of texting. I do it many a time with my close funny friends. Just acting funny and crazy , nothing else. A girl who is attracted to you might say " I heart your face. Good night"

    or something like that... ok.

  • It might be just the way she text!


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