How to get people to text you first?

I'm a 17 year old guy and I have to initiate every single texting conversation with almost all of my friends all the time. I want to talk to them that's why I text them "hey" or "what's up" a couple times a week. The thing is some of them NEVER reply to me through text but when were in person they walk up and just start talking. And try are all pretty much addicted to there phones(there always checking and sending messages). But just not from me(these are guys and girls btw). So about a month ago I decided to "test" my "friends" to see how many of them would think/care about me enough to text me. So I didn't send out any messages for almost a whole month(still going), and only 2/10 of my "friends" texted me :(. And I've known all of them for years and its not like we see each other very day(maybe once or twice a week). If a person can go almost a month without talking to you, and doesn't even ask why you aren't texting them do they even care? Would you call them friends? What can I do?
How to get people to text you first?
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