My boyfriend stopped initiating conversations...what's going on?

Can anyone please give me advice. I'm really starting to panic. My boyfriend usually talks to me every day, always through text only, we don't talk on the phone. But anyway, he always initiates conversations with me and tells me how his day is going. We got in a fight two weeks ago because I tried to get him to talk about his feelings and he wouldn't. I apologized the next day and he texted me all week and up until this past weekend. Suddenly Monday I didn't even hear from him. Tuesday night I texted him and he told he he's been sick and staying home from work. It was brief but I felt like everything was fine. Yesterday I again initiated and asked him how he was feeling. He said a few words but was preoccupied watching a movie with his brother. Today I haven't heard anything. I'm starting to panic because he's never done this before. And I see him doing things on Facebook, so why not text me? I'm so scared he's going to dump me. I don't know what to do. I really want to confront him about it but most people say to ignore him completely. What do you think? And we've been together for almost a year.
My boyfriend stopped initiating conversations...what's going on?
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