How to get someone to text you *less* often?

I know this is stupid, because I should just be grateful for the conversation or ignore it, I know, but eh. I'd rather get opinions :P

Basically I have this friend, and he will text me at least once a day. Usually more than that. Like if I don't answer a text, within an hour I will get another opening text. It seems like he wants to maintain a text conversation throughout the entire day, every day. He does the same thing on Facebook, whenever I go online.

To be honest, it's getting pretty annoying now. I don't want to be rude and ignore him so much, but I can't maintain this amount of conversation without getting annoyed at him. I don't think I should ask him to talk to me less, cause that seems really mean.

How should I sort this out? (Either have less conversation or not react so badly to this?)


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  • When he texts you just say hi then tell him you're busy and will get back to him later. Keep putting him off until the end of the day and then you can chat with him about whatever happened for like 20 minutes and then be done lol.


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  • pull your finger out of your ass and tell him: "thank you for putting effort into chatting with me via text messages or Facebook (or whatever) but I don't want to talk to you all the time, so please stop texting me everyday" if he doesn't comply to your request block him, if you can't do this your hopeless

    • He IS a friend, so I don't want to ruin that. It's just this is a bit intense. Do you think I can say that without him taking too much offence?

  • set him up with another friend. epic diversion! lol


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