Do you prefer introverts or extroverts?

Would you rather date someone who liked to be alone,

or someone who was always with friends?

We're all somewhere along the spectrum from hermit to party planner. Where do you fall, and what type do you like?

Would being too much of either cause you to stop dating them?
Introverts are more interesting.
Extroverts are more interesting.
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+1 y
So far the distinct difference between genders is interesting. Girls are kind of split, and guys generally seem to prefer introverts.

We like to get you all alone to ourselves, I guess, and not have to worry about your friends dragging you away from us.
+1 y
Just teasing, girls.

Here's a good link to an article on introverts dating extroverts: link

From another article link from psychology today I found the difference:

Introverts- more introspective, attentive to internal thoughts

Extrovers- driven by sights and sounds—they crave sensory stimulation.
Do you prefer introverts or extroverts?
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