Why would he say "You can do better than me?"

How do I reassure him that I don't want anyone but him. He's an amazing guy. He is cute, smart, funny, and he makes me so happy. Yet he seems to think he is really ugly and a failure. When we first started dating, he told me that I was too good for him. He said I can do better than him last night. I don't want to do better than him, and I am not too good for anyone. I am not even that pretty. I don't think I am ugly, but I don't think I am some hot girl. I have a small belly which won't go away no matter how hard I exercise. In short, I think I am just an average girl. Most men don't notice me, but I've always figured it was because I am so shy. I don't let guys notice me. So when he started to notice me, I was excited. So I eagerly tried hard to get his attention. I kept trying to get with him until we started dating. We've been together six months now, and I thought he was over the "you can do better than me" thing. It seemed like we were both comfortable with each other. He isn't though. Last night a guy was hitting on me, and I got mad and told him to get lost. My boyfriend today was telling me that if I ever wanted to leave him for a better guy like the one night, then he couldn't fault me for it. The guy last night wasn't a better guy.

Its only six months into the relationship, but I can honestly see myself marrying this guy. If he were to ask me to marry him later down the road, I would say yes with no hesitation. So I wish he would stop thinking that I am so inadequate.

He thinks because he doesn't make enough money that he isn't good enough, but I make enough money for both of us. For some reason me making more money than him has always bothered him. He got upset when I opened up a second savings account. Why?
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" So I wish he would stop thinking that I am so inadequate. " Oops, I meant to say: " So I wish he would stop thinking that he is so inadequate." It was a different sentence at first that I edited, but didn't read over. Originally it read: "I wish he would stop saying: "I am so inadequate"
Why would he say "You can do better than me?"
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