How to make my boyfriend miss me?

Please read this all!

To make a loooooong story shorter, me and my boyfriend have been together for 8 months and our connection is still strong so we're not having a problemwith that. It's just since we don't see each other often we talk on facetime and through texting. For the past few weeks we've been talking a lotttt more than usual for some reason and the other day I said "we've been talking a lot lately huh" and he said "Nope we've barely been talking at all >:(". He's the joking type

but you know how soetimes you want to tell someone something but you're too afraid to hurt their feelings and you try to say it subtly? Yeah it felt like that. Then the next day when I tried to facetime him he started joking around saying how he doesn't want to facetime me for a week so he can miss me alot, but then he ended up calling me.

So yesterdayyyy I decided to not answer his morning texts just to ease off a bit on the texting. In the afternoon I was really tired and told him I'm going to sleep and he didn't answer back immedietly so I figured he was busy and told him when he's not busy he should text me until I wake up. I fall asleep and wake up to no texts but it says that he read them 15 minutes after I sent them. So yeah that's a pretty obvious sign we're talking way too much right? So noww I want to make my boyfriend miss me. How should I do it?

As of now I'm not gonna text him in the morning. I'll let him send but I won't answer it. Today I didn't text him any cute texts to wake up to in the morning like I usually do and I'm also gonna tell him I'm busy tomorrow so we won't talk tomorrow just to make his day feel empty without talking to me lol. Then the next day we won't text again in the morning and I'll talk to him that afternoon. Does this sound like a good plan or does it sound like I'm mad at him? What else should I do?
How to make my boyfriend miss me?
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