My boyfriend never comes up with date ideas... it's always me. How can I get him to step up?

Now that I think about it... I really don't think he has ever planned anything on his own. Maybe our first date.. but even then I picked the second half of the date. I'm always the one to decide the restaurant or movie or whatever.

I think part of it is he wants to be a gentleman and let me decide so that I'm happy, but the other part is that he is simply very indecisive and worried he'll let me down or something.

He's made comments like he doesn't want to bore me or whatever and I continually tell him to stop worrying about that.

Should I just force him to plan an entire date one night? lol


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  • Yes, that's probably best actually. Guys in general want girls to be direct and to the point with them. If you tell him what you want him to do he will want to do it for you. Just make your feelings clear.

  • Perhaps, he just doesn't have any ideas or he didn't go to dates before. You really should force him to plan a night.


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