How do I go about trying to reconnect with a guy after not talking via text for a few weeks?

We went out one night, had a great time. I went out of town for a week. Then he went out of town for a week. Tried to meet up in between but our schedules didn't cooperate. Since the back and forth trying to meet up hadn't worked out, we gave up and haven't tried or talked in a few weeks. we live about 1.5 hours away from each other. How do I reconnect... randomly with someone who isn't a big conversational texter?


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  • Guys don't have these hang ups over communication. Just text him and ignore the fact that there's been any gap between the last time you saw him.

    Guys measure time differently. It's why they can take so long to respond to texts and freak girls out. To you, it's been a few weeks since you connected. Oh noes! A few weeks!

    Trust me, he won't even notice it's been a while. Ignore the gap in time, and just text him.


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