Why do guys come back after they've ghosted you?

There's this guy who ghosted me after having a weird thing with him for over 3 years. One day he just vanished.

But then a year after he started to contact me again. By this point he had been living in another country for around a year now. Started subtilely by following me when he made an Instagram account, adding me on snapchat, etc (I didn't approve any of his requests). But then he started messaging. First on Facebook (which i keep seenzoning), but lately he's been trying to slide into my DMs on IG. Now a year after his first message (and more than 10 messages seenzoned later), he still continues to message.

Weird thing is he acknowledges that I seenzone him. Like some of his messages will go "Hey again. Just me trying to say hello" or like "I know you're probably busy but I have a funny story to tell you."

I don't get it. We live in different countries now so it isn't even like we can hook up. Obviously it isn't an ego boost if I never reply. So why does he keep messaging? And why bother even trying to reconnect in the first place?
Why do guys come back after they've ghosted you?
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