Do you ever feel depressed the next day after a great first date?

This might sound weird but when I go on a first date if I enjoy spending time with him and had fun I am usually depressed the next day. Not like killing myself depressed just down in the dumps. I think the reason I get depressed after having a great night with a guy talking and having dinner is because I am alone again. Also another reason I have the down in the dumps feeling after a great first date is I don't know how he feels about me. I don't want to contact my date from the night before first because I don't want to seem clingy or desperate. Does anyone else ever have post first date blues? How do you handle post date blues? I would especially love to hear how ladies handle first date blues.


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  • I have definitely felt that way after a first date. I feel like I don't want to contact back too soon/often or I will come across as clingy. And I don't know how she feels, if she genuinely likes me or if it was just whatever for her.


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  • I've had that before, but maybe the word 'depressed' is too much for it. I don't really understand why either. I usually just try to text the guy to see if he's still interested. If he is then it's a good thing and you may stop feeling so. If not then you know you have to move on. You wouldn't sound clingy or desperate if you text them the day after don't worry. But if you're still uncomfortable with it just use the 3 days rule and contact him 3 days after the date.

    • I did text him later the next day to say I had nice time & never heard back. I figure it's his loss.

    • You got that right :)

      If he's not texting you back then it's his loss. You gave your shot to find out whether he's still interested or not. Now that you know you can stop wasting your time feeling depressed about him.

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