He asked me to leave him alone but keeps texting me

Here's the story he demanded me to come to Atlanta and wanted me to fly out that same day I looked for flights and they were to expensive. He gets mad and tells me to leave him alone. So I decided to text him about how that made me feel followed by telling him bye and to take care and I will not contact him anymore. He texts me back telling me to lose his number, so I replied by telling him that I already deleted it and to be safe and take care. Thinking that would be the last that I here from him, he texts me back again telling me to leave him alone. My question is if he doesn't want any contact with him why does he keep texting me? he told me to lose his number how can I if he keeps texting me back? I thought by telling him I deleted it he wouldn't reply he would just move on.


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  • GO completely no contact ...if he contacts you 1st he may still have feelings for you but not hiding it well by trying to act he doesn't care... if he does care still (even though saying don't contact him) is a sign he is missing you and his txting is a way of still keeping in contact...

    • That makes since, I guess the hard thing for me is he told me to leave him alone I responded by telling him how I felt and I deleted his number. If he told me that I would have just took what he said and moved on thinking good he got the hint, instead he texts me again. That's what I don't understand.

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    • unfortunately there are people (men and women a like) that act in a childish was ad never seem to grow out of it. as much as I hate to agree with you but its probably best if you do ... looking down the line of the future with him it would only be more of the same antics and wind up in more drama and heart ache

    • So true, thank you for your insight. Have a nice rest of you evening. I'll check in from time to time to see if you found that one that will be by your side.

      Have a goodnight

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  • He's torn.

    He wants you out of his life, but at the same time he can't let you go, which means he has some deep unresolved issues with you which he knows can only be resolved by having some kind of contact with you.

    • Thank you, I really needed another mans perspective.

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  • First of all, he sounds quite immature of the flights thing.. it's good that you tried to stop contact him..

    it doesn't make any sense from what he is doing but I guess that's how he is ?! He is probably still trying to play cool and pull off by asking you to leave him alone, but at the same time, he want you back, maybe he think he is playing a good game lol

    anyway, I hope you can sort this out soon!

  • ummh I would never talk to that guy again.

  • Yall both are retarted lol.Love can do that to you:)

    • Yea maybe but when someone tells you to leave them alone then I say OK, why text me back again. I don't have time for games so I did as he asked so why respond. If it was me I would just tell myself OK he got the hint not text back so my number is on his phone again you know what I mean? if that made any sense

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