Why does my ex care about who I'm dating?

Why does my ex care about who I'm dating? If he's in a relationship?...

Just need opinions

Thanks for all the answers! This isn't someone I plan on getting back with anymore and I'm more focused on the next few months to come. I didn't really care about who he was dating after I found out so I was curious to know why he'd care about my dating life. Anyway, thanks :)


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  • Either he's still not over you as much as he thought he was, or he's narcissistic enough to see you as his, even if you're not; Like he thinks he has claim on your. In which case it's jealousy, and possession with some narcissism.

    Beyond that, I'm not sure. I mean what was the breakup like? Who broke up with who? Was it civil or was it ugly? This kind of stuff can matter, too. If he broke up with you, then I refer you to the top paragraph. If not, then that can have a lot more to do with it, because if you broke up with him, that alone can make it harder for him to get over it, depending on the person. Amplify by the power of ugliness regarding the break up.

    That's about it.

    Anything I said here is only guesswork based on absolutely no data about him, you, your breakup, or either of your relationships, past or present. I don't know more, so I can't give you any better.

    On the other hand, I can offer you this bit of advice. If he's giving you any trouble, keep in mind, he's your ex for a reason. Keep it that way. Cut him out of your life. Completely. Block all possible channels of communication. All of them. Phone, text, social networks. Everything. You'll be amazed how quickly that will clear this up. But again, that's only if he's giving you trouble. Otherwise, disregard this.

    Well, I hope this helped. Good luck.

    • We kinda just stopped talking because I had to deal with a lot of personal things..he took it as me not wanting to be with him anymore

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    • Honestly, I think you're good here. I'm pretty sure you'd fight me the more I probe. Plus out here, the conversation is too public.

    • Agreed, thanks for answering.

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  • if your ex loved you before and than you guys broke up and now he is in a relationship with someone else and your dating someone else.

    The first thing he is jealous, of the one you dating and he wants you to be with him and even he don't want to leave out from his current relationship he just want you to be in touch with him because he is afraid of you may quit contacting after you got a new BF.

    And Maybe: he want you to have a better life but surely if he know the guy your dating and he is not good for you he will tell you and will prevent you from dating him, he will care and he is not afraid of if you don't contact him.

    Most of the guys are same in this sort of issues, they will leave you after one night stand but they don't want you to hang with another guy too so simple don't give shit and make your life.

    Guys most of the time get bore of their girl friends and they just try to leave them but it depends on the girl how does she treat that guy in some cases I am wrong but naturally guys are truelly dog type.

    do you know how is the Dog type: see this: when a dog suck a bone and than the dog get tired it will leave the bone away or will go away for a while but when that dog see that another dog is coming to suck that bone he will come to bark on that and won't let that dog to eat or suck that bone.

    its common in all guys you know that dog might find a better bone than he previously had but still he won't want that old bone to lose it he still want that with him and won't let it go for the future use

    just chill

  • It's part of a mans natural psychological process to care about a partner, past or present. A man is instinctively concerned more about physical deviation, like a partner cheats with another man sexually. That will hurt them more than a women emotionally cheating, giving her feelings to another man. And a man giving feelings to another women hurts women more than sexual cheating, they both hurt but one more than the other.

    In this case, he's not possessively concerned but just naturally curious about your developing relationship. It's a natural protective instinct of men. Sometimes men handle this instinct differently... sometimes yes possessively, but I'm sure you can conclude that on your own by how you know him.

    Never assume the stereotypical conclusions we give to behavior .

    Hope this helps!

    • I was going to answer this question... But this guy said it perfectly.

    • I just went full psychology, never go full psychology.

    • Lol thanks for the response

  • It's a control thing. He still wants some sort of control over you and what you do.

    Another part of it is rejection. If you're dating someone else, then you are completely rejecting him for someone else.

    Just a couple of observations as food for thought.

  • He may not want to see you happy

    He has unresolved feelings towards you

    He may be over the break up, but still cares about your well beingl

    The current girl is a rebound and he may go back to you if you ask.

  • Girls do the same thing. Some people mistakenly see moving on to another partner as a sign of "progression" thus feeling like the person is moving forward "past you" even though the next partner could be a total dirtbag.

  • He's curious about you. I know, it's not something like "You're the best and he wants to control you" or "You've still got his heart", no but it's actually more probable in many cases. Generally knowing where your past partners are and if they are safe with their new partner is just a sign of basic human contact; no one wants to think "I left Laura and now she is in an abusive relationship."

    I'm not even going to touch the "He wants you miserable" concept. Generally unlikely.

    Still, likelihood requires background and you gave none so like all cumshots this is just one in the dark hoping to hit a target.

  • Probably still has feelings for you and isn't mature enough to accept reality.

  • Seems controlling with a mix of jealousy

  • Sounds like they haven't gotten over you and they are jealous

  • He still wants your snatch


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  • He either:

    A) Still cares for you or

    B) is territorial