Girls have you ever dated a player?

Have you ever dated a guy that was a player always hung out with his friends and treated you like crap. For some odd reason you still wanted him?

Then you thought why don't I date a nice guy.

So you start dating the nice guy.

He always answers your calls and doesn't play games. He enjoys spending time with you. He calls you at random times during the day. He is not scared to talk about his feelings to you.

My question is this, the bad guy always had you guessing.

Where is he? What is he doing? Who is he with? Is he talking to another girl?

And with the good guy you know

Where he is. What he is doing. Who is he with.

Do you get bored of the good guy and miss wondering?

If so how can the good guy go about adding some mystery without being a dick?


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  • I never really dated a true player. I dated good guys for the most part, but I didn't always know where my boyfriends were or what they were up to. I'm not a demanding person though. I think if you decide you want to go hang out with your boys- just go and we'll meet up later. I'll call and if you don't answer I'll leave a message and go on about my day. I may say to myself "Hm, wonder what he's up to? " however I won't be sitting around the house dwelling on it. I mean that's how I operate too. If a friend calls and wants to go shopping I'm just going to go. I'm not going to call to check in with anyone. At any rate, it's not like any of the guys I dated were going to up and move to another country never to be heard from again!

    I think I need some afternoon coffee, because I'm rambling!

    What I'm trying to say is it's possible to be a "good guy" and maintain an aura of "mystery", but I don't think it's something you should be conscious of. Like, don't change your habits just because you think it's part of a game, ya know? Especially if you're already in a relationship. It'd be kind of weird to just stop calling if that's what you always do. If you want to appear more "mysterious" just don't make yourself available 100% of the time. Let calls go to voice mail once in awhile, if she suggests a time and place to get together tell her it's not good for you and suggest a different time. Being yourself and keeping it real is always best though :)

  • I dated a player when I was like 15. I didn't know any better and then I realized his crap and dumped him.

    Guys, please. There is a middle ground between jerk and "nice guy". When girls say we like nice guys, we mean a real man who is respectful to us and treats us right. You don't have to make an ass out of yourself and let us play you. That's how guys get it wrong. If you let a female walk all over you then we don't respect you and that's not good either. That's not a nice guy, those are guys that usually become stalkers in 6-8 months lol


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