How often or long would you kiss your girlfriend/boyfriend for?

I recently got a boyfriend and we both had our first kiss on the 6th date. But on that day we kissed three times and since then we kissed a few times when we meet up. But he noticed that after the second kiss my hand was shaking and another time I was shaking too as he had his hand on my waist. Do you think this is strange?
He mentioned to me a couple of times that I tasted minty, as I did take mints and brushed my teeth but I didn't feel any taste from me so it's making me self conscious. He did say I didn't breathe into his mouth when I was kissing him so I don't understand how people taste the kiss? I also find it hard to breathe at all when I kiss him. But I don't notice that I need air and he breaks away so I do breathe then.
Also what types of kisses do you do and how often and how long do they last?

Thank you for reading.


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  • Depends on the kind of kiss. I'm not a huge fan of making out unless it leading to sex. Like 10secs maybe or it's just a peck

    Shaking thing are you nervous? Are you turned on? How do you feel when you start doing it?

    Don't be self conscious about your breath especially when it's mint that a good thing. He can taste it cause your lips are coming together of course he'll taste it.

    Breath through your nose so your not holding your breath

    • Ah I see. I wish to make out but not have sex. I'm planning not to until after marriage.
      I thought that it was going to be a peck on the lips but he was doing it open mouthed so I just followed him.

      I feel nervous when I am doing it. And the first times I was feeling scared. But I also wish to do it though.

      Oh okay. He said that I don't have to worry about it, the brushing of the teeth and mint but I don't want him to taste it if it's bad.

      Thank you for your advices :) I will try to breathe through my nose. It's not awkward if it's hitt

    • sorry, I tried to type but it submitted...
      I'm worried if it's awkward if my breath is hitting him in the face or something :s

    • He won't notice. Honestly don't stress about the breath thing

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