Why you need a Gay Wingman when looking to Smash!

Warning!!! To clear this is not meant to be offensive to the gays but I generally find most gay stereotypes to generally be true....

If We Become Close Friends I Won’t Date You!

I’ve been with a lot of women in my six years of dating and not a single one of them had any close connection to me before meeting them....

What lies, bad habits, deceptions, rude behavior do you hate from men or women when you're just starting to date or trying to date you?

I'm a guy here are my top 5 1. Lying about their age. Really ladies? Stop this shit. It's sad and pathetic. What makes this especially...

How to have Success with Women if you're Shy and Insecure

Background: I write this as a formerly shy and insecure guy who had no skill or confidence around girls. If any of this sounds familiar...

Taller Women For the Win

Tall Women. The goddesses of Earth. This is a Mytake for all of the girls who wonder if men like tall women or are self conscious about...

5 Dating site profile texts to avoid for girls

So you just joined tinder and are thinking about texts to put in your description or you are on there and wondering why you're faced...

Why would he lie about his feelings?

So this guy I've been seeing for 4 months barely talked to me for a few days. he's always texted regularly and made attempts to see me,...

What do girls look for in a guy's profile?

On tinder, bumble, etc, what are girls looking for generally on a guy's profile. What's something that catches your attention or makes...

Should I ask her to homecoming?

I have been facetiming a girl like almost every day for the past month and sometimes we will fall asleep on the phone and homecoming is...

Friend competing with me?

ok so whenever a guy wants me she has to have the attention also.

Is it weird to have a roommate of the opposite sex?

I’m a girl and my roommate is a guy. We’re good friends and live in a 2-bedroom apartment. Everytime the topic was brought up, people...

Why does my friend?

always tries to flirt with guys i like?

What does it mean if a guy asks about meeting your mom?

I have a crush on my best friend and when we were talking about our parents i asked if he had met my mother (jokingly of course) and he...

Friends With Benefits... Basic Do's and Don'ts?

I am 49 years old. I am currently in a friends with benefits relationship for the first time. I have only been in 2 other relationships...

You have to sleep with someone to know if you like them?

This is a question that many people don’t give too much thought but I believe in highly. I believe that everything up until you have sex...

Is it odd that I’m never approached by guys?

Im 25. While I’m told I’m attractive and not overweight. I know looks aren’t everything but I see a lot of plain janes get attention....

How do you like tomboys?

Are you a tomboy and proud of it? (girls) Would you like to date a tomboy? (guys)

Am I holding him back?

So last week I went on a date with a guy I've been talking to for a while now. By the end of the date he asked me to meet up next week....

Who should cover the bill on the first date?

I think the woman should pay. They are the ones who pressure guys into sex. Girls under the age of 30 actually make more money than guys...

Have You Ever Confronted People For Ghosting Before (Dating)?

Ghosting = When you're ignoring someone you've talked or texted to in dating. Some may do it because of lack of interests and not...