It's Midterm Week! Here's some Advice.


So. Midterms can suck. Sometimes even more than finals. Actually, they usually are worse than finals. They sneak up on you, they are sometimes right after spring break, they are back to back with finals, never even in the middle of the semester, and ruins the middle of your year. They leave you with no time for a social life, extra weight from midnight snacks during studying, cramming right before the test even if you manage your time well, and possibly a breakdown.

Stress. Snacks. Sleep deprivation. Coffee. Crying. There is no way around midterms, so here's how to make them a little less shitty for all the students going through it right now.

It's Midterm Week! Here's some Advice.

1. Take Care of your Health

It might be hard because you have no time to go cook up some chicken and vegetables. Ramen takes 2 minutes and tastes better. But I do assure you, you actually do have the time. When you are focusing only on exams, you tend to forget about everything else, including your health. Don't!

Take care of your body! Exercise helps clear your mind and let the information sink in. It gives you energy between study sessions. Don't overdo it on Redbull and caffeine. Some is okay, but too much makes you jittery and unable to focus on exams.

It's Midterm Week! Here's some Advice.

2. Sleep

Midterms are the week of pulling all-nighters. You may stay at the library until 6 in the morning from 3pm the previous day. Getting at least 6 hours of sleep every day, not just the night before the midterm, is essential. Again, don't overdo it on the coffee and energy boosters. Sleep also keeps long-term information stuck in your head, so you will also have them for finals! Try to make an effort to get enough sleep, especially the night before the exam. Sleep also affects your mental health and even depression, so get that sleep!

It's Midterm Week! Here's some Advice.

3. Plan

Make deadlines. Make checklists so you can cross off the things you've done and feel satisfied. In the crazy week of midterms, you'll need something so structured. Study smart. Don't study what you already know. Start at the beginning of the year: information you've most likely forgotten. All midterms for every subject fall in the same week, so only study classes that need studying. If they all do, then designate 1 class per day to study so you don't have multiple in your brain. For example, don't study mandarin and Spanish at the same time. You'll find yourself thinking in three languages at once. Spanderin will not help you on a midterm.

Ask your teachers about the exam and things you don't understand. Create flashcards for languages(I love Quizlet). Make thorough study-guides for yourself and take breaks. Be organized!! Make schedules! Manage your time wisely! Don't procrastinate!

It's Midterm Week! Here's some Advice.

4. Relax

Don't panic. Don't freak out. Don't cry, that won't help anything. Eat an apple, take a break, listen to some music and then open your textbook. It's fine, it's fine, it's fine. Midterms aren't the end of the world. 1 week and then it's all over. Calm down and take deep breaths(cliche but it works).

It may seem like a lot is riding on your midterm grade but remember that even if you fail, your fate isn’t sealed. There's still half a year to get your shit together, and improve. Take breaks every once in a while. It can boost energy, confidence, and happiness. Go on a run, cook something healthy, listen to relaxing music (Sappheiros is my recommendation). Go outside in the sun or snow or rain and calm down. Midterms aren't all there is, and you will be AB.SO.LUTE.LEY. OKAY.

It's Midterm Week! Here's some Advice.

5. Use All Resources

Prepare! Study! Ask questions! Compare class notes with friends, get a tutor, social study, read the syllabus, make a study guide. All these things are helpful!

It's Midterm Week! Here's some Advice.

6. Believe in Yourself

Midterms are one of the most overwhelming things in a student's life. Don't be too hard on yourself, and get over the anxiety. Have confidence and a positive mindset. If you do your best, then you should be satisfied. Shut up, no more "I'm sooo failing" "Omg I don't know anything!" You know more than you think! You didn't sleep the entire half year before midterms! Keep a good attitude and frame of mind. YOU IS KIND. YOU IS SMART. YOU IS IMPORTANT. And you can do well on your exams.

It's Midterm Week! Here's some Advice.

It's Midterm Week! Here's some Advice.
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