Why School Does Not Define Your Success


- We have all been there. Maybe have not felt good enough because you aren`t strong in school, but maybe you really are strong in school but you aren`t that interested. -

This MyTake is not to distract from the wonders of education. Of course, it is quite clear that education can get you wherever you want, depending on what kind it is. You`re probably thinking the girl writing this sucks at school and is really insecure about it, but personally, I am very strong in school and I want to keep going because I like it. The objective of this MyTake is to enhance all the talent hidden out there because they feel that school is slowing them down.

You`re probably thinking the girl writing this sucks at school and is really insecure about it, but personally, I am very strong in school and I want to keep going because I like it.

School is important, but not life or death

My parents raised me with a mindset that school comes before all. Both my parents have a Bachelor`s education, but if it weren`t for my oldest brother being born, they probably would have gone much further. Being their daughter I agree and disagree. I don`t have many friends because I`m constantly busy with school, and I wish I took a little time off sometimes. Your social life and side hobbies and interests mold you as a person and is a crucial part of your upbringing. If you like school and you`re good at it, do the best you can but don`t lose yourself along the way.

Why School Does Not Define Your Success

If you like school and you`re good at it, do the best you can but don`t lose yourself along the way.

Times have changed

Back in the day, education was life or death, basically. If you were rich and had enough money you could buy access to books and teachers to fill your head with knowledge, and because of this, you could become even richer than before. Today, because of the internet, there are plenty of other opportunities for making money and being a happy person regardless of education. For example, there are YouTubers, Instagrammers, charity organizations, other social media platforms and digital media that spread to millions of viewers overnight. If you get involved with these platforms in addition to doing what you love, you have hit the jackpot.

There are many other ways of learning

As mentioned, the Internet is open to everyone who owns a smartphone, computer etc. If you have interests, it costs nothing to search it up and learn on your own. You can also travel, meet new people or read more books.

Why School Does Not Define Your Success

Jobs are hard to find even with a good education

When I started looking for colleges and fields of study, I always looked at career options. However, I did some research and the job market is very competitive. My mother was unemployed for nearly eighteen years because she could not find any jobs. Basically, your experience counts as a huge part of getting a job. You can have the best education but no job experience, and I think a very experienced person with little education is a bit more attractive in that particular field.

There is not just one definition of success

Some will say getting a Ph.D. in medicine or law is the ultimate success. You might look up to these people because they have a lot of money and a good title. However, there is a reason they are paid so well. Doctors and lawyers have a lot of responsibility and pressure in their everyday lives. They are expected to save lives, protect people and give good enough advice. If anything takes a 180-degree turn, they might get into a lot of trouble or feel guilty for several reasons. Only a small amount of people can deal with this sort of life. Success for me is to be happy and be able to live and make the best of it, and if that means having a P.h.D. in medicine or law, having an Associate`s degree, being a stay at home parent, unemployed or working part-time, then so be it!

Why School Does Not Define Your Success

Do what you love, not what is expected of you

You have probably heard this a million times, but it would make me more than happy to repeat it because it`s true. If you don`t feel that school is for you, don`t do it. Life is too short to go through anxiety, debt and work if you deep down don`t enjoy it. Instead, get a job, save some money and spend the extra on traveling. Traveling is one of the best ways of learning.

Why School Does Not Define Your Success

Education for me

Let me make it clear to why I want to educate myself even after a rough MyTake like this. School has been good for me to keep me busy because I`m not good at sports or other fields. I`m scared that life has nothing to offer me because I feel weak at many other things except school. Hard work has not really scared me either because I deal with deadlines and tests really well. I just hope some of you found this MyTake useful, be happy with yourselves and your talents and don`t feel that school is the only way to be successful!

Why School Does Not Define Your Success

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Why School Does Not Define Your Success
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  • meowcow
    There is no single factor that defines one's success. But as a whole, when you look at statistics of a population, those with a higher education are more successful financially, and happier with their life because they earn more and worry less about money, which has a domino effect on relationships and other aspects of a happy life.

    Even if one has a good education, they are still prone to making dumb decisions, or having a lack of drive/ambition. A good education only opens the doors of opportunity. What a person does with that opportunity is up to them.

    You said jobs are hard to find even with an education. That is not entirely true. The reason why people with a good education cannot find a job is because they lack the professionalism, charisma, confidence and leadership skills that make or break a job interview. These are skills not taught in the classroom, and they are the distinguishing factor in any job search.

    If I have 2 incredibly intelligent job candidates, I will pick the one who is concise, confident and speaks clearly. I don't want the brilliant genius who is socially awkward and incapable of being placed in front of a client because they are weird. That is the failing of most people in a job interview.

    If you lack an education, many doors will be closed. High paying jobs are non-existent for people with high school only. In those cases, it is possible to become successful, but they need to earn it and create their income with hard work and determination. Nobody is going to pay them a high salary, so they need to build their own business.
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  • Emma_240302
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  • BraveRecreation
    It does define your success. Unless is an American high school.
  • Krumpir
    For those who don't like to read long mytakes: because it is too easy to cheat on exams (one of the reasons)