Finally School Is Over!

So, finally, four whole weeks of exams, 19 exams, over and done with!

I finally left school and for the past two days of summer I have been doing... Nothing. Because I finally can because I have no homework for once! But I'm the kind of person who can't do nothing for long because it bugs me that I'm not doing something because I'll get really bored so I decided to come down to the library, and just sit here, write and look out the window because I like the window.

I've literally just seen a bunch of kids from my school, walking home from school and it's just hit me how I'll never have to do that walk home again, or wear that uniform again and I have mixed feelings about that. There's even kids hanging outside of the library now, from my school or should I say former school, I don't even know what they're doing- it looks weird.

Anyway my last exam was physics, that went okay, but I don't wanna think too much about exams now, they're over and done with, gone, they are so four weeks ago now, and I'm aware how cringey that sounded- but you get my point.

I'll get my results when I get my results, I worked hard so I'm expecting good results but if I don't get what I hoped for, I'm sure there's a way back up from that.

It's just unbelievable how five years just flew past me like the speed of light. Seriously, that's what it feels like, I'm not even joking.

I remember walking through those huge huge green gates on the first day of school, and walking out of them, they didn't look that big anymore and it didn't even feel scary. It just felt really weird, I can't explain, I think it's just the thing, knowing I'm not coming back as a student, maybe that feeling was a sense of achievement? Who knows?

In a way I'm sad that it's all gone because we had some crazy time at that school, fire alarms, once we had a bombscare which turned out to be a bottle of empty lucazade, teachers coming, teachers going, sometimes being left in a classroom without a teacher, being made classroom-less, fights, stinkbombs, books and tests going missing. Yeah, crazy times.

But despite all that, I found a good group of friends and somehow we managed to avoid a lot of the dramas and the upsets and I had a good time at that school with them. We did our work like we should have done and now let's hope that pays off for all of us.

And hey- at least I've had a school to go to. Sure, it's not the best, sure it was rated worst in my city at one point, but at least it's a school where I had a nice time, because if you're an outsider, it might sound like everyone's trying to murder each other every chance they get, but in reality if you think about it... I'm not dead. No, I'm alive and writing this. And in some countries kids don't even have a school or an education. Honestly, I mean this when I say it, it's not as bad as it sounds.

It's nice to look back, and see what great times we had, and sometimes you just wanna stare into the past forever and remincse like a YouTube video on loop. But unfortunately, you can't do that and you have to look into the future.

So, I guess my future holds:

Prom - which I'll be seeing my friends for one last time, a final goodbye. It's going to be held in some swanky fancy hotel, and I'm actually going to dress up nicely for once, not just throwing a top and some leggings on and I'm good to go, I'll be putting some sort of effort it. ;P

College - Which I am simultaneously excited and terrified for. So, I'll be a little bit of a loner at college, maybe I'll make friends, maybe I won't. I'm not too fussed if I don't to be honest with you, because the college workload will be HUGE and I don't really think I'll have time for 'building friendships', maybe I'll make a friend or two, to study with but I'm only at this college for two years, then it's off to university, so I won't really have much time to build friendships like I have done at secondary school.

As for secondary school, I'll miss it for sure, the people I used to see when I went there, I know my way around that building like Spider-Man knows his way around Queens. Now, I'm heading to an even bigger buildings with more kids, and more routes to learn!

But like anything, I'll do it. It'll be okay, surely, and the next thing I'll fill you guys in on is prom after that happens. And I'm not expecting the prom to be like the movies or anything, we're all just gonna look a little less scruffier than usual and probably cry because goodbye and all that.

So far summer is going okay, I've finally been able to do things which my exams were getting in the way of like reading, and writing my book, and just chilling out, I finally feel like I'm free! I'm going to finish writing my novel this summer for definite!

Finally School Is Over!

Thank you for reading! :)

Finally School Is Over!
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  • BlackRoseFairy
    Congrats for making it! I hope you'll get your desired results.
    I know exactly how you feel. When I was done with high school, that final day, I was so excited. Summer holidays were something we all were used to so it didn't really make a difference that there was nothing to do during that period.
    Reality hit home with me when my siblings were getting ready for school in September. I woke up and found them gone and asked my mom where they were. She laughed and said "It's the first day of school you silly, did you forget?"
    That's when it all came down on me... I looked out at the street where pupils where going to school with their backpacks and the excitement of the first school day. And I felt lost.
    I looked at my mom and said to her "I'll never do that again" and she smiled and said "I know". It's a bittersweet experience. Totally mixed feelings...
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    • Oh my goodness! The same thing happened to me! Kids our age leave school early so our summer starts earlier than everyone else's. My brother had to go to school today and I was like: "Where's he gone?" and Mum was like: "School." xD

  • Shezadi
    All I do in holidays is sleep. I hope you will make better use of your holidays. I am trying to get internships to get myself busy.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • tartaarsaus
    I'd love it if uni was over for me too, but no: 2 exams smh.

    Lots of things you said resonate with my thoughts at the end of secondary school
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  • Sevenpointfive
    aww, i remember this feeling. so much promise. so much hope for the future. i know you'll be fine. graduating university is quite scary.
    • Thank you, though I haven't even started college yet, let alone uni ;P

    • how is college different than university?

    • In England, college is where someone of the age of 16-18 would go to study A-levels for two years then after college they'd go to university to study their degree. :)

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  • Adelphïné
    Finishing one chapter in life can often be bitter-sweet, and scary! But sometimes we need to change in order to grow. Life can be scary but it can be exciting, too.
    🌟 🌟 🌟 Free book: "Woman to Women" @ smashwords. com/books/view/938595 🌟 🌟 🌟
  • CindyRuns
    Congratulations... moving on to the next phase of your life is always a bit scary, but just think of the opportunities too.

    You'll do just fine... you're awesome !!!
  • smg99
    I love this story its nostalgic and beautiful in your eyes every detail and thought ;)
  • unaware101
    This really resonated with me because I just finished my last high school today and I graduate next week
  • Elenita
    “angels who sinned” that is why you think Weird and see the world different than most of us. Repent from your sin.
  • themomo84
    Just enjoy the summer and see where life takes you, good luck!
  • Athína98
    Wait until you have to work I had to grow up at 17 fast.
  • Hawky_
    Congratulations! Nice to. have you back on GaG Fingers and toes crossed for good results. 😊
  • Repa33
    What 19 exams did you have?
    • 6 papers for science
      3 papers for Maths
      2 papers for English Lit
      2 papers for English Language
      2 papers for business studies
      2 papers for computer science
      2 papers for religious studies

  • PrincessGrail
    Happy for you <3
  • TimRob
    Good for you such a big accomplishment!!
  • Good take
  • yeahguy2
    Did school just end for you?
  • Nayrr
    19 exams?
  • halime98
    yeah finally😋
  • Anonymous