The mark of a successful person and the sign of a true friend

The mark of a successful person and the sign of a true friend

One thing I’ve noticed in successful people who are among the ultra elite is that they are excellent at predicting the future. In the 2000s or 1990s, Bill Gates already predicted that a pandemic could change the shape of all humanity and that we are not necessarily read for it.

In 2019, a Harvard educated professor complained to us about how derogatory he viewed anti Vaxxers to be and this was around 12 months before the CoVid pandemic became public knowledge and Ralph Smart predicted 2020 with near psychic accuracy a year before it happened and he’s had million of subscribers. The ability to make informed, observant, and calculated predications about future behaviours or outcomes is a trait I routinely see in successful people, at least in the ultra elite or top 0.01% of all people.

Another trait I find in a good friend is that they see your potential or good quality years or decades before you realize it yourself. In 2004, a church contact said I’m good at remembering bible verses but I did not realize this for myself until around 2009, and this was a friend who rarely talked to me due to how busy she was. Another cousin I used to be close to said I had the potential to be a writer and this was around 20 years before I decided to launch a writing career and a guy told me I was funny in 2012 and I did not realize it until 2021. A true friend sees your potential before you do.

The mark of a successful person and the sign of a true friend
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  • Zygum
    SUCCESSFUL & TRUE, is written on his forehead with Black Marker
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    Nice Mytake
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  • RawIronhide
    Well it's intuition. It's a great predictior of a visionary. I'd say it's quite a valuable trait but there's a lot that makes someone successful.
  • SenseiSeptred
    People have figured that out about me for what I say even though they don't quite understand how to translate my words into their own understanding usually.
  • Joshua0213
    Yeah when you have money you can make things happen si you don't look like an idiot
  • Anonymous
    Well that's more so based on data. The better word is maybe wise or intelligent.