What careers/professions do you find appealing?

Construction, Mechanics, Architectural Drafting, Car Sales, School Counseling, Choreographing, Landscaping, Advertising/Promotions, Beatmaking, Chef/Baking, Art Directing, Financial Advising, Mail Carrying, Graphic Designing, Writing, Radio Disc Jockeying, Sculpting, Sketching, Travel Agents, Screenwriting, Barbers, English/Art Teaching, Carpentry, Surfing, Baseball Playing, Firefighting, and Private Investigating. Some of the above I would’ve liked to done myself or see a partner do.

The ones that don’t appeal as much to me are usually quite risky or travel a lot or may be a bit unsanitary or slightly annoy me or are overall just workaholics.
So preferably no doctors, nurses, historians, travel guides, truck drivers, video game developers, janitors, miners, models, cruise captains, park rangers, pharmacists, psychiatrists, photographers, musicians, actors, social media influencers, professional gamers, bankers, lawyers, cops, butchers, politicians, military men, athletes (with the exception of the coach), pilots, flight attendants, garbage men, astronauts, zoologists, scientists, astrologists, therapists, vets, farmers, and accountants. Of course, I’m thankful for anyoe having a job in general and sometimes I’m even thankful for what they do for others, but that doesn't mean I’d want to date someone with that profession.
What careers/professions do you find appealing?
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I clearly stated that i find most of the “unappealing” ones unappealing because the person has to work a lot (workaholics) and doesn't have enough time for quality time. Not only do i mean that in a relationship sense but also for if i had to work it myself. I would hate it and prefer something more laid back, creative, and with less revenge from crazy patients or people who i had to once arrest
What careers/professions do you find appealing?
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