Why are college educated people so stupid?

From what I see on here , we are doomed. No way this country can survive. College idiots voted for Biden and AOC so it proves it. They have no common sense and can't think for themselves. This is why they end up working at Walmart getting carts in. I have never seen so many stupid people gathered in one place. Never have so many educated people been in DC and yet these so called smart people have just about destroyed the country. The new rule should be anyone with a degree is not allowed to run for political office. We need people with common sense and not biased to run for office. Not mind dead robots that believe everything their socialist professors told them or what a socialist politician says. I always thought people got more wisdom as they age but this site proves that theory wrong. I have seen rocks with a higher IQ.

Why are college educated people so stupid?
They are given their education instead of really earning
College is not about education but indoctrination
Because opposing views of thought are no longer allowed but banned
They cheat on tests to get in and can barely read
Probably all the above
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Why are college educated people so stupid?
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