My favourite books: Cosy Choices

My last take was about movies, so I thought it would be fun to make a list of my favourite books too!

1. Jane Eyre

This is the most romantic story I know, not cheesy but deep and passionate. This book has everything, not only romance but humour too. It is very exciting and even a bit scary at times with supernatural elements. Jane is an admirable woman (especially for her time): she never loses hope and wants to make something of her life, she is independent. Mr Rochester is yet another thing that has made me fall in love with this book.. And with him too!

My favourites: Cosy Choices

2. All Agatha Christie books!

As you can probably tell by my username, I adore her books. Not only do they have genius plots, Agatha also added a lot of humour and a bit of romance to her stories. I especially recommend Miss Marple's 'Sleeping Murder', Poirot's 'Cards on the table' (the first Christie I ever read) and 'And then there were none'. She uses nursery rhymes a lot for her plots, I find this very interesting.

My favourite books: Cosy Choices

3. Absent in the Spring

Also by Agatha Christie but this isn't a detective novel. This is a very special story about a woman that ends up isolated, left only with her thoughts. She discovers things about her and her life that she never wanted to admit. It is very interesting to read because you learn more about her life with every thought, like pieces of a puzzle. A very touching story.

My favourite books: Cosy Choices

4. Feather Boy

This is a children's novel but because it is so beautifully written, I recommend it to everyone. This is a touching book about a little boy that is horribly bullied. He pairs up with an old lady in a nursing home for a school project. He finds out what the secret is behind the mysterious house the lady sends him to. They have a deep connection and help each other in a very special way.

My favourite books: Cosy Choices

5. Avalon High

This is a book for teens by Meg Cabot. I still love her books, Meg's writing style is just so much fun! This story is based on the legend of King Arthur, which makes it very interesting and exciting.

My favourite books: Cosy Choices

6. The Princess Diaries

This is another series for teens by Meg. These were my all time favourite books from age 8-13, reading them always cheered me up when I had a bad day at school. I still enjoy reading about Mia's life and that is why The princess diaries deserve to be on this list! I recommend this series to teen girls :)

My favourite books: Cosy Choices

Have you guys read any of these books or do you want to read them in the future? What are your favourites? I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to comment!

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  • I loved Jane Eyre.
    I still remember the quote about Rochester being the eclipse between God and her.
    That was very powerful.

    I use that whenever I start to like someone.

    Except I am opposite of Jane.


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  • Oh! I love Agatha Christie, her books, her life... the mystery of all of it. =)
    Jane Eyre - never read it, seen so many movie versions of it - maybe time to actually read it. xD
    Princess diaries - almost a classically cute book.

    Feather Boy sounds interesting - I'll check that out for sure.

    • I know, I was thinking of doing a mytake about Agatha Christie too. So awesome you're a fan too :) thanks for the comment!

    • Haha Yeah! Go for it. =)

  • Oh my God, I remember Feather Boy. I'd completely forgotten I'd ever read that!

  • i haven't read them but i plan to somewhen


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