Songs to share: Songs I wanted to share with everyone

Songs to share: Songs I wanted to share with everyone

I got some songs the other day with an iTunes gift card that I bought myself and I got a lot of different songs. Some old, some new and some I'm not sure anybody really knows that well. So, I wanted to shared those songs with you.

*Note* I'll list all the songs I got but I'll only provide videos for the ones I'm not sure anybody really knows and I want to share with people.

Classic Rock:

In this catagory I got

1. Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin

2. Miss You by the Rolling Stones

3. Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith

4. Hey Jude by the Beatles

5. Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd

6. Bennie and the Jets by Elton John

7. Back in Black by AC/DC

Now, for the songs in this catagory that I want to share with people. Those are....

8. Hocus Pocus by Focus

This is quite a unsual and wacky song but it's really good and I love it.

9. Black Betty by Ram Jam

I think I may have mentioned this song once before in take I did about rock songs but it's a good song and I think it's worth mentioning again.

10. Misirlou by Dick Dale and his Del-Tones

If you're a Black Eyed Peas fan, this song might sound familiar to you because part of this song is featured in their song Pump It. And, if you saw the movie Pulp Fiction this song might sound familiar to you because I think it was featured in that movie. Either way, I think it's a good song that I wanted to share.

Now, time for:

Songs from the 90's and early 00's.

11. I Can't Make Me by Butterfly Boucher

I first heard this song in an episode of Charmed and I liked it ever since. So, now I'm sharing it with you.

12. Delicious Surprise by Beth Hart

I'm not sure if anybody's heard this before or not but I first heard it in an episode of Charmed and liked it ever since.

13. Only You by Yazoo (also known as Yaz)

I recently just heard this song in Once Upon a Time but I think I heard it once before in the end of the movie Can't Hardly Wait (which is a 90's movie). Either way, it's catchy and I like it. It makes me smile for whatever reason.

14. Club Foot by Kasabian

I imagine some of you have heard this song and some haven't, I first heard it in an episode of Smallville and I loved it from that moment on. I hope you enjoy it too!

15. Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics

I heard this song on Charmed also and I quite like it.

16. Still After You by Earth to Andy

There's a theme recurring here and the theme is, I find a lot of the songs I like on Charmed lol. Because, this is where I first heard this song (just like the others).

Televison Theme Songs (that are actual songs)

17. Beautiful Mine by RJD2

If this song sounds familiar, it's because it's the theme song to the T.V. show Mad Men but I first heard it when someone danced to it on Dancing with the Stars this season. I like that it's instrumental, very cool.

18. Teardrop by Massive Attack

If this song sounds familiar, it's because I believe it's the theme song to the T.V. show House but I first heard it on Charmed ( what a shock lol)

Now, these songs you probably already know

19. Lean On by Major Lazer

20. Beautiful Now by Zedd

21. Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

22. Tear in my Heart by Twenty One Pilots

23. Bright by Echosmith

Now, here's a few that are newer and you might not of heard yet

24. Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay

It's a single off their new album that comes out this month (I think). Anyway, I like it. It has this trippy 70's KC and Sunshine Band vibe going on, I like it.

25. Dead Inside by Muse

This is a song off of a new album they apparently released that I had no clue they released lol. Anyway, it's an awesome song. As is this next one I'm going to mention, which is from this same album but since I'm about to meet my quota of videos we're allowed to put up. You should listen to the next song on your own, when you get a chance. It's good. Which now brings me to....

26. Mercy by Muse

Now last but not least, here are the final two songs.

27. Rinse by Vanessa Carlton

Surprise surprise, I heard this on Charmed too lol. It's a good song.

28. Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

If you're like me and only ever heard one song by Amy Winehouse, that song being Rehab. You'd probably assume she was just like every other pop artist but once she passed away, other people started singing her songs and so I was surprised to fined she was quite talented and kind of had a jazzy vibe going for her. I like this song.

Well, this concludes my list of songs I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy :)

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  • Well I finally made it through them all (while multi-tasking other stuff).

    Yea that Hocus Pokus is a weird song. I remember when it came out. That and Black Betty were both one hit wonders.

    A nice wide variety you got there. It's good to see someone who is not focused on one type of music. I've been doing a lot of exploring over the last 5-7 years or so. For the last year I've been getting lots of CDs from the library. I usually get 7-10 a month. I try to pick a variety. I usually get some blues, some classic rock, something newer, usually a boxed set of whatever, lately some classical, and one random pick of a band I've never heard of.

    I think I also have close to a thousand bookmarked at Youtube.

    • Yeah, it is a weird song but that's why I like it. It's different and you'll probably never come across a song like that again. Yeah, thanks. Honestly, I kind of grew up on that music Classic Rock and stuff. It's what my parents like and they have all these vinyl records and I would listen them too. Don't get wrong I did like the Spice Girls and stuff when they were popular but I've always liked older music because that's what I know and what I appreciate. If someone was to play me a clip of a older song, I could probably tell you what it was right off the bat lol, that's how familiar I am with them.

      Also, that's cool that you do that. It's good to broaden ones horizens. Very cool.

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