An Introduction To Some Of KPops Sexiest Boy Groups

I'll introduce you to some boy group kpop, and if you dislike it, please don't even comment. Kpop is not just music, it can change your life, and touch your soul, but only the very few lively chosen ones, will it speak to. Here is some of the top kpop boy bands, that will either have you hooked to kpop, or not


Shinee are really popular, and specialize in elite dancing with perfect synchronization. Their songs are energising and motivating as well as catchy or easy to listen to.


Tvxq are one of the most talented groups. Both singers are also award winning actors, and stand out with their amazing vocals and dance ability.

This song won several awards, and has some of the highest notes I've ever heard a guy sing. TVXQ are versatile and can sing any genre to perfection. They're unrealistically good at everything that would make a man a super star.


2pm are one of the manliest groups in kpop, specializing in rapping and seductively drmatic music videos.

Super Junior

Super Junior are one of the most experienced boy groups. With over 12 members all together, they have also excelled in singing any genre and compose a lot of their own music. Whether it be rap, dance, emotional ballad, pop,rock.

They are popular worldwide with a fanbase larger worldwide than one directions fan base.

Super junior member covering "moves like Jagger"


Jyj are a group that is popular for their extreme talent and addictive albums. All 3 members are also professional musical composers and dancers and actors. Popular in Asia to an extremely high level. All members were previous members of TVXQ, and are currently so wealthy they own hundreds of millions of dollars worth of hotel resorts and businesses all over the world


Infinite are quite new compared to these other groups, but their songs are so addictive and really get you in the mood. They are so dramatic and exciting, and unique. They have a strong fanbase especially to girls.

I could go on forever, but unfortunately can't. This take mainly shows dramatic songs, and next take will show more pop based songs


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  • First of all I know nothing about Kpop so I said I will give it a chance - I think boybands of any culture, any era will have a strong fanbase - I don't think it is right to criticise or look down on a form of entertainment that is enjoyed by so many - I am sure you would not like some of the music that I am into.
    My impression is that the market in Kpop is so crowded that you have to be really at the top of your game to break into it, it seems so much slicker, better produced and better choreographed than its western counterparts like as if it had to be. With a lot of the western boybands, there is a certain rawness when they are coming through and it takes years to get to a polished performance which by this stage they have broken up. The Kpop guys seem a lot more clean cut across board whereas western boybands tend to have their own formula along the lines of great singer possibly song writer, quiet guy, rough badass drinker womaniser, possible gay guy and the guy who is not sure why he is there.


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