Still Not Strong Enough...

I beat my opponent every time

So I win

But how can I beat

My inner champion

I'm not prepared to lose

So what should I do?

The audience can not cheer on my heartStill Not Strong Enough...

I practice hard

I listen to what my coach says

But the coach can not guide

The thoughts hidden inside my head

And I'm still not strong enoughStill Not Strong Enough...

Every time I compete they say I can not lose

Yet inside I'm conflicted I do not know what to do

What would you do?

Yet I'm still not strong enough

Today I compete and I win again

Yet I can not compete with the truth again

Yes its true I won against my opponent physically

But when it comes to the truth

I'm still not strong enoughStill Not Strong Enough...



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What Guys Said 2

  • I wish I could get poetry I have no idea what this is about some kind of beating your internal thoughts and mindset idfk.

  • We totally need a poetry section


What Girls Said 1

  • Nice story about the internal battle.


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