Movies From Around the World, in Which a Man is Raped by a Man

***viewer discretion is advised***

I wanted to post a list of movies, most that I have actually seen, in which a man is raped by another man. The reason why I posted this is because it is common in movies where there is rape, for the man to be raping the woman. I think that guys raping guys is seen as one of those weird subjects touchy subjects in fiction.

Sugar (Canada)

It's a Canadian indie movie and it's rated R. It's a comedy and the main character's little sister is funny as hell, but she is enough to give any parent nightmares.

The main character is a virgin and he meets some cool people; he meets a guy who eventually becomes this asshole drug addict, he takes his virginity in front of a man who he works for, and then he dumps his asshole boyfriend after. Then, the asshole boyfriend dies.

Fujimi Orchestra (Japan)

Based off of a manga this movie is about Yuki, who has to work with a perfectionist. When he is about to quit he is raped by the conductor because he does not want him to leave the orchestra.

Antonio's Secret (Philippines)

Antonio is a teen and his cousin discovers that he is gay. While his parents are away, his cousin rapes him on the table during lunch. His mom catches him raping her son and she kills him.

Postcards from America (America)

I have not seen this movie.

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