6 Original Television Commercials from Japan 🗾

If commercials like these were shown online, I'd delete AdBlock. 😂

I'm sharing this myTake to you guys with hopes of making your bad day better :)

These advertisements from Japan will surely change the way you think about how annoying ads may seem. These advertisements will surely intrigue you best and might also make you laugh like there's no tomorrow. You may also find them weird because I did find these videos weird for television commercials. Hahahaha 😂🙊

Pizza-la (16 seconds) 🍕

This commercial is from the Pizza-La food chain from Japan. It was aired a decade ago and it featured American professional wrestler Bob Sapp. 😛

The first eight seconds of the commercial showed Bob Sapp and four backup dancers, dancing along the Double Cheese Super Italiana tune 🎶 . The next three seconds showed Bob Sapp being mesmerized by the presence of three Double Cheese Super Italiana flavors. The last five seconds depicted Sapp as a delivery boy.

Watch it here:

Gyunyu / Japan Dairy Council (30 seconds) 🍼

This advertisement was from the Japan Dairy Council, advertising milk under the "Gyunyu" brand. This featured an exaggerated chalk war (weird!) between a student and a school teacher. This also aimed to point out how milk can improve one's concentration. 👍

Watch it here:

Alinamin V Energy Drink (27 seconds) ⚡

This commercial featured former Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a genie ✨ from an Alinamin V Energy Drink bottle from the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company.

This video was all about Mr. Schwarzenegger appearing from an energy drink bottle (sort of like a genie) and later laughing hilariously yet villain-sounding with gold coins later thrown at him (maybe this is their representation of energy and wealth). 💹

Watch it here:

Glico Pucchin Purin (15 seconds) 🍮

This commercial featured Japanese confectionary company Glico's custard pudding, Pucchin Purin. Pucchin Purin is a custard pudding that is packaged in a flower-shaped container. The advertisement for this product featured Japanese pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. 👩

The video depicted old men in a conference like they were doing a mannequin challenge until the video shifted to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's face. Later, Kyary was seen dancing along the Pucchin Purin theme song with four backup dancers. One of the old men started dancing along the tune on top of the table. In the end, both Kyary and the old man ate Pucchin Purin.

Watch it here:

Tokyo Disney Resort (30 seconds) 🏰

This is a commercial for Tokyo Disney Resort, located at Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, last aired on 2012. The Tokyo Disney Resort is a theme park and vacation resort owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company under an operating license from The Walt Disney Company.

It featured an animation of a little girl's life and her loyalty in visiting Tokyo Disney Resort. During her teenage years, the girl bumped onto a boy which had later been depicted as the girl's husband. The two had a child, and the two were also shown growing old together. The advertisement's theme song was, "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" featured in Disney childhood fairy tale Cinderella. 💑

Watch it here:

Mercedes-Benz GLA (30 seconds) 🚗

This commercial that advertised the Mercedes-Benz GLA Class cars is inspired by the Super Mario Bros theme. Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer known for its caliber automobiles ranging from the most expensive prices ever priced for automobiles.

The commercial featured a brief gameplay of the Super Mario Bros., with Mario riding a car instead of overcoming the hurdles by solely walking and running.

Watch it here:

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  • Very nice mytake. The video commercials were cool and entertaining.


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  • Wow! I loved this MyTake!! Super fun and quirky! Another commercial I love is the "panda cheese" commercials! Although... That might actually be Korean I think... I can't remember off the top of my head... But that commercial series was golden nonetheless! 🐼🧀✨ Great work as sways! 💕

  • japanan has interesting commercials


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