Top 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

This will be a mytake of the best seasons of the traditional Halloween episodes The Simpsons does each year. When I choose by season I am looking for overall the good amount of episodes that take place from the season. There are always 3 episodes that are played in each special season.Top 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

10. season 4 Tree House of Horror IIITop 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

Treehouse of Horror 3. Note: for people who are not aware The creators did not start making Halloween special episodes until their second season of the show that's why episode 3 is on season 4. While these 3 episodes were not all funny they did make up for it by adding the clown without pity episode and Dial Z for Zombies. The King Homer episode was the only real disappointment in this season. Parodying the King Kong movies.

9. season 2 Tree House of Horror ITop 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

This was the very first Tree House of Horror season. It featured Bart and Lisa with Maggie on their tree house sharing scary stories all the meanwhile having Homer their father try and climb to scare the. Only to find out he is the one who becomes scared hearing the children's spooky stories. This season overall had good episodes making fun of Edgar Allan Poe's book Raven, making fun of the typical haunted house movies like The Amityville horror, and Aliens abducting the Simpsons family.

8. season 10 Tree House of Horror IX Top 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

This season had all 3 great episodes in it. Parodying the movie Shocker and Amazing Stories episode where Snake's hair comes to life after being given the electric chair. Also an episode where Bart and Lisa find an plutonium to use as a battery so they could watch the Itchy and Scratchy show a parody of Tom and Jerry. And an episode where Kutos and Kang the Aliens are actually Maggie's parents. Needless to say Homer finding out was infuriated for technically having sex with his wife so they dispute their problems on Jerry Springer only to end up killing Jerry.

7. season 9 Tree House of Horror VIII Top 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

The 3 episodes included parodying the movie The Fly, an event occurring if a nuclear bomb were to hit Springfield, and parodying the even of the Salem witch trials. All of these episodes were great, but 2 of the out of 3 lacked the true comedy satire and true human relation to which we can tie to. The Salem witch trials Easy Bake Coven was great making fun of the even of Massachusetts that took place where people suffered from a mass hysteria of women easily being accused as a witch. The best episode in this was when Homer was in the bomb shelter seeing what it looked like before making his purchase and all the meanwhile the French dropping the Nuclear bomb to America. It really showed the depressive side of what life would be like if you were to experience a nuclear war and live through it.

6. season 3 Tree House of Horror II Top 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

The 3 episodes in this season included Lisa's Nightmare Monkey's Paw, Bart's Nightmare The Bart Zone, and If I only had a Brain. In this special episode of The Simpsons the kids come back form trick or treating and Marge their mother warns them not to each too much candy otherwise they will get nightmares, they refused to listen. First the episode shows Lisa's nightmare making fun of the myth of the Monkey's paw granting wishes all the family members make wishes only for them to backfire and have lots of downsides to them like when they wished for fame and fortune the whole town hated them. Then Bart's nightmare where Bart has special powers to turn people into anything he wants just with his mind the whole town and country fearing him, and where Homer was abducted by his boss Mr. Burns to use his brain as an experiment only for Burns plan to backfire where robot Homer only wants Donuts. He gives Homers brain back but the robot falls on him crushing his body after kicking it from frustration he uses Homers body to attach his head to.

5. season 5 Tree House of Horror IV Top 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

The series included 3 episodes about Homer willing to sell his soul to the devil who just so happens to be Ned Flanders, Bart seeing a hideous alien small creature that kills people for fun, and the Simpsons family being invited to Burns house warming party. In which Bart ends up getting bitten by Mr. Burns the Vampire in the end Lisa finding out that actually the whole Simpsons family are vampires besides her. In the end of the show ending with a Snoopy song parody.

4. season 8 Tree House of Horror VII Top 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

3 really great episodes one perfectly attacking how the political system in America works, one really displaying The Simpsons creativity when it comes to the exploration of the Scifi world and another about Bart's evil twin brother who in the end you find out that Bart is actually the evil twin and not his brother Hugo. Genesis tub where Lisa discovers and creates life in her science project which Bart ultimately ruins. She accidentally created microscopic creatures that can create their own society at a incredibility fast rate. And even make a statue of Lisa claiming her to be god.

3. season 11 Tree House of Horror X Top 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

featuring 3 episodes one where Bart and Lisa gain super powers through an accidental radioactive spill and at the end of the day being saved by the character Xeena. The other two one of Marge driving through the fog with her family in the car and her accidentally running over Ned and killing him and getting away with hit at the funeral. Only to find out Ned was already dead before she ran him over and turned into a werewolf. And lastly this being a classic of The Simpsons perfectly parodying the old Y2K belief that computers would glitch in the year 2000 and that it would be the end of the world a conspiracy theory that arose and scared lots at that time mainly Christians and that computers will glitch and take over us humans.

2. season 7 Tree House of Horror VI Top 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

Featuring 1 okay episode but 3 amazing unforgettable episodes, one even really defining 3-D at the time. The first episode was making fun of the power of Ads and their annoying exaggerated destructing impact on us which still holds true to this date. The other perfectly parodying the Freddy Keugar character from Nightmare on Elm Street which was played by Grounds keeper Willie. And lastly the final episode of Homer's sister in laws coming over and Homer desperately trying to find a hiding spot he stumbles upon a 3rd dimension behind his library shelf. Needless to say the episode actually ended sadly with the dimension collapsing on its own and Homer falling into our own world in a look of fear wondering around.

1. season 6 Tree House of Horror V Top 10 Best Simpsons Tree House of Horror Seasons

3 amazing episodes featuring one featuring Homer discovering time travel using a toaster. He constantly goes back in time and keeps stepping on same historic animals altering the effect of time, in too much frustration he finally is satisfied from going back to his time with everything going back to normal except with one problem that everyone has lizard like tongues. The other one parodying the movie The Shining where homer goes crazy and has really hilarious moments like when he chases marge upstairs only to look and fear his own reflection screaming like a girl falling down. And the other of the School accidentally spilling soup on Jimbo one of the bullies of the show and the school staff trying to cook all the other children.

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