Waffles Reviews Thieftaker, the Thieftaker Chronicles #1, By D. B Jackson.

Waffles Reviews Thieftaker, the Thieftaker Chronicles #1, By D. B Jackson.

Ethan Kaile is a Wizard or as he calls it a Conjurer, in Boston in 1765. He is also a Thief-taker (a historical profession where private citizens were hired to hunt down thieves and recover stolen property like a bounty hunter mixed with a private investigator.) He is the smaller one in town, the larger being the well respected citizen and borderline gang boss Sephira Pryce.

The Thief-taker chronicles are set in the build up to the revolution in Boston, where the rest of the country wasn't doing much in the way of Resistance, Boston and the rest of New England were fucking shit up for the British big time, up to and including looting the home of the governor. (Don't fuck with New Englanders, the British learned it twice and the south learned it once, and they paid in blood.) Ethan Kaile starts the series as a Tory and throughout it he slowly becomes Patriot.

When someone is killed with conjuring in Boston and Ethan is hired to retrieve a necklace taken from the corpse of a murdered girl shit gets bad fast. Ethan needs to figure out who killed this girl with conjuring or the sheriff and the governor will take his head.

I liked this book a lot, first the time period is an awesome one.

I have a thing for crime and fantasy fiction set in time periods where the area is chaos.

Waffles Reviews Thieftaker, the Thieftaker Chronicles #1, By D. B Jackson.

and this was a time of chaos, rioting, troops in the streets, and a government that clearly gives no shits about its people. It was a hell of a time and the writer actually has a degree in U.S history and knows his shit, so the tories aren't irredeemably evil (though they are often portrayed as misguided and the upper class tories are portrayed as assholes)

And the patriots are portrayed as on occasion going to far.

I liked the villains as well. They are evil in a believable sort of way.

The heroes are also believable and a little shady.

In short Thief-taker is a good urban Fantasy set during a fascinating time period during our history.


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  • I will have to see if my local library has this book because I love historical books


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  • Sounds like a good book. You read some interesting book's


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