The Biggest Problem With Marvel Movies... is Women.


I've always been a big fan of action movies and comic books and for a while I was a fan of the super hero movies that studios churn out like butter.... for a very short while. But there is a very repetitive and distracting problem that almost every superhero movie has in common. And that problem is women.

The Biggest Problem With Marvel Movies... is Women.

Yeah. I said it. Now, being a woman myself, I obviously have no problem seeing women in movies and comics. I love it! And no I'm not about to start calling for turning male heros into female counterparts or the whole "fridging" thing... I'm talking about the fact that vast majority of the time the women in these movies are basically all the same generic empty shell of a character. Some prime examples of this are seen in deadpool, the first 2 thor movies and more recently, Venom. All of them had a woman awkwardly shoved in the middle of it for no other reason than to give the hero a girlfriend. Something to motivate them. Something to save or protect or do sexy poses and say smart one liners about girl power... Gag.

The Biggest Problem With Marvel Movies... is Women.

I really dont know why Hollywood insists on wedging romantic B plots into movies about superheroes fighting bad guys. Or why they insist on doing it for every. Single. One. Deadpool did not need a girlfriend. Thor did not need a girlfriend. So much so that Natalie Portman's character was scrapped with hardly a word in Ragnarok and guess what... the film was better for it! Look at the women we got instead! A badass valkyrie and a wicked villainess complete with giant wolves and zombie armies. What Ragnarok did to Jane Foster is a prime example of exactly what a vast majority of girlfriend characters are in superhero movies. Garbage characters that can easily be thrown away without a word that no one would notice or miss.

The Biggest Problem With Marvel Movies... is Women.

Now I get it. I mean where would Hollywood be without a 90 pound model in a skimpy outfit to slap on the advertising campaigns? And while the whole eye-candy thing is annoying... it really doesn't bother me all that much. What bothers me is when a movie tries to take their walking talking advertisement way too seriously. Is it really so hard to create a well rounded female character who exists as something other than a love interest? That's all I'm asking. And no... giving her a fancy job and dressing her up in a fancy suit does not equal well rounded *cough* Eddie Brock's blonde ex girlfriend who got way too much screentime and was part of a super forced and unnecessary romance *cough*

The Biggest Problem With Marvel Movies... is Women.

By all means go ahead and sexualize the shit out of your characters for money... but at least give us the courtesy of writing them as characters that actually have a reason to exist. And before people start yelling about these useless girlfriends being actual characters in the comics... I know. I get it. But we all know how much the films differ from the source material. In all those changes you can't write better female characters or yknow... cut their screen time significantly? Because as a woman who loves comics and superheros... I can say without a doubt I would much rather see exactly zero women in a marvel film than just one more pointless girlfriend character.

The Biggest Problem With Marvel Movies... is Women.
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  • Malik00
    There is a reason Why DC does so much better in the overall media department then marvel.

    Biggest comparison is Wonder Woman vs captain marvel. Wonder Woman came off as strong, imposing, and determined. Someone that you knew had a strong will and was someone to be respected even if you felt you could beat her.

    The captain marvel trailer, just had her come off as So passive and weak, hardly a threat at all, just going with the flow and she's apparently suppose to be the marvel equivalent of superman.

    Body Language, bass in voice voice, aura all these are important if you wanna make a strong character.

    Gal Godot had this in spades, while brie Larson felt like she would buckle down the second things got tough.

    Fact of the matter is DC knows how to make Female Characters sexy AND strong. While marvel seems to have this obsolete idea of the kind of women they think men want. And it's sad really, i honestly used to prefer marvel over DC when i was younger.
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    • MayBlythe

      Maybe, oh I don't know, wait until the movie comes out

    • Malik00

      @MayBlythe If marvels previous movies are any indication i'm not getting my hopes up. Besides all thats gonna happen is women like you will be like "The movie did badly because sexist men boycotted it, not that the movie was genuinely terrible."

    • MayBlythe

      Oh, I'm sorry for being logical instead of making assumptions and then being an ass about it

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  • 1truekhaleesi
    I agree there's a lot of useless girlfriends in superhero movies. We need more Black Widows (before she was crazy in love) and Dora Milaje. Problem is that writers and producers don't know the first thing about writing strong women who are not Mary Sue's.
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  • Benedek38
    So you have a problem with token girlfriend characters, but you have no problem with token diversity hire badass independant female characters like Captain Marvel who literally nobody knew jackshit about before this, apart from comicbook fans of course?
    Or how about the uber-competent Gamora who literally can't fail in ANYTHING?
    Or how about Valkyrie, who is so badass, he can taze the literal god of lighting and thunder?
    Or how about Black Widow, who has absolutely no superpower or gadgets, but can somehow keep up with the rest of the Avengers, despite being a 120 lbs woman whose only talent is that she's kinda good in martial arts?
    Or how about Scarlet Witch, who is a ridiculous Mary Sue, and her power is only limited by plot device, because the writers literally couldn't give her any kind of challenge other than Thanos?
    How about Hela, the token badass evil female villain who has really no distinguishing character trait or goal other than she's evil?

    The problem with Marvel's female characters, and female character in Hollywood in general, is that Hollywood film execs are now too afraid to write a female character as flawed. So they don't write her at all - she's either a Mary Sue, or a prop, a token girlfriend, or villain, or what have you. The only one on this list who had a bit of depth in all honesty, was Gamora, but even she was obviously overcompetent and out of place at times. I remember at one time Drax was dangling by a piece of rope getting dragged through a forest as supersonic speed, and Gamora was HOLDING HIM BY THE ROPE.
    And I thought to myself: "She can't do that! Drax is like 300 lbs or more, he's getting smashed into objects at match 2, and Gamora is holding him by a rope by one hand? Come on!
    And then I realised who is the character who's supposed to do this! It's Baby Groot. Baby Groot was supposed to hold Drax. He's a fucking shapeshifting moving tree, he's obviously more powerful than Gamora physically. So why isn't it Groot holding Drax? In fact, why did Drax go out to shoot the enemy ships, when he's not the character who's known for wielding big guns in the group - that's Rocket, the Racoon?
    The answer is simple. They needed a scene where Peter and Rocket have a pissing contest about who's the best pilot, they needed Gamora saying they are stupid males, and then they needed Gamora to prove she's a real badass by saving somebody.

    • ashleyb93

      Oh no Mary Sue's need another article entirely. It's just the useless girlfriend trope angers me the most.

    • Benedek38

      I agree that it's a stupid trope, however I think there was another effect in play here at the same time.

      Ask yourself - does anyone actually care about Thor's backstory? No. Does anyone actually care about Venom alone? No.

      These were cashgrabs, essentially. They tried toc create a story where there was none. And they ended up with disposable characters to bout. Jane Foster was left a blank slate most likely because the Marvel universe couldn't afford to sign an A list actor like Natalie Portman for several years, to appear as cameo in every major Avengers related flick - but they needed the star power for the movie.

      Anyway, I agree it is an issue, though I attribute no malice to against women to it.

    • ashleyb93

      Neither do I. It's not the fault of the actresses that the men behind these movies dont know how to write female characters.

  • JudgmentDay
    "By all means go ahead and sexualize the shit out of your characters for money..."

    That's where the problem is to begin with. You said it: "MONEY". Money makes the world goes round and it's almost always the primary motive and incentive of anything that ever happens. They always overdo it with the whole "Sex Sells" marketing/sales/advertising techniques and tactics to get viewers attention. They always to it because they know it will work, so it's all psychological. But it's becoming predictable that they'll always throw something in like that on purpose to try and grab more viewers attention. Happens frequently, not just for Marvel Movies.

    I kinda wish they would have leading and main characters that are single or had always single, preferably those that are voluntarily and permanently single and don't care to pursue any significant other or get involved with anybody else, because that's something that has not been done yet, or perhaps very rare and very obscure. But wait, they probably won't bother because it just doesn't "sell" well if at all to the general population? Well you get what I mean?
    • jmstarling

      Another example of how capitalism stifles creativity.

  • Nik1hil
    Deadpool did not need a girlfriend. Thor did not need a girlfriend.

    You are saying this Because you are a woman!..
    Being a men I can clearly see!. The importance of their role!..
    As men we are pig and animals!..
    Women who expect good from us work as an incentive to motivate us!.

    Remember when In Thor 1,
    When Laufy tries to steal tessaract, and Thor in Anger goes to fight him!..
    Thora friends get injured! But he does not gets scratched..
    In fact Thor had Hammer/Mijolniar!
    Thor Could have ripped the entire planet of frost giant into pieces killing every single one of them..

    Odin strips him of that power! But that doesn't makes his senses right!..
    Being with Jane makes him realize value of each life, and things he took for granted!
    It makes him realize value of knowledge and it should be used for good,..

    Otherwise it would mean no difference between Thor and Thanos.

    So when destroyer returns to save others Thor decides to die!..
    But he survives..
    And later when Loki decides to rip that planet into 2,
    THOR takes the risk of sacrificing Bifrost!.

    If it weren't for JANE Thor would have either left stranded on earth running from destroyer, never revived on time!. To save Odin, Loki would have ruled Asgard!..
    • Nik1hil

      Maybe in comic is roles are redundant..
      But look into reality!..
      Around you even you have male friends!
      You don't even know about!
      They are invisible to you!..
      But you have changed them for better!..

  • stormbreaker06
    i don't mind female superheroes etc. What i don't like is feminism being shoved down my throats through superhero and movies in general.

    instead of making a female "ghostbusters" or a female ocean 9 or etc... just title the movie something else and let the women do their thing.

    i don't hate women. i just hate rude women, evil women, loud women and feminism.
    • Correction i didn't know "ocean 8" already came out which was the full female version. I thought it was for ocean 9 for a future year.

    • ktdec

      And you hate rude men, evil men, loud men, and misogynists right?

    • yes i do. I hate people in general.

  • Poppykate
    Thanks for the article! It sparked debate in our household. I agree with you, the female characters lack depth. But Marvel is great at catering to their target audience. (E. g. 80%+ nerdy guys). So they are basically fulfilling the male nerd fantasy, by having these attractive, needy, vapid women. It’s basically clever marketing.
  • AlienParasite
    I always thought the biggest problem of Marvel movies is that all scripts tend to be too similar, with repetitive flat character archetypes, with boring dialogues, easy recurrent jokes, all made to be a quick product for consume, a very forgettable product. However the photography color and the character look design is cool, I guess.
  • Massageman
    Yes, several of the characters are not created with any depth of character. As for WHY Hollywood wedges in romances as a sub-plot? The short answer? They are in business to earn a profit, and sex sells. They are providing something for the guys to look at when their plot thins out, which can also be a frequent occurrence. Movies and TV show can be very formulaic: most of these movies have THREE types of plots: the MAIN plot of each movie; a BACKSTORY or LONG ARC plot which may span a whole series of movies or season of TV shows (ie. finding and taking down Moreau in Leverage); and ROMANTIC sub-plots (Jamie and Eddie in BlueBloods).

    So engrained are these plot structures, that there are even posts on the internet explaining "foolproof" ways to write novels, etc., in particular, the "Eight-point Story Arc", a “fool-proof, fail-safe and time-honored way to structure a story."

    Stasis- the normal scheme of of things
    Trigger- something sets off a chain of events
    The quest- the search for the __________ (killer, answer, treasure, etc)
    Surprise- roadblocks, encounters, friends, enemies, etc.
    Critical choice- lead character makes CRITICAL choice
    Climax- the infamous car chase, rocket explosion, etc.
    Reversal- consequence of the critical choice and climax
    Resolution- everything settling into a "new improved normal"
  • RolandCuthbert
    I will never get the whole issue with inclusion. So if we have all male characters, somehow that isn't pandering or just having men in a movie in a hero role to satisfy a particular audience.

    You see, Japan solved this issue a long time ago, by just making most heroes female.

    Can't wait!!!
    • Those dirtbags keep moving it further away. We have to wait until February 14th!

    • @LegateLanius Oh that is horrible!!!

  • FutterwackenMcSappin
    I LIKED the girlfriend from Deadpool. She was super fine, funny, not an over-bearing femi-nazi, and was into him when he needed her. She didn't play the weak (selfish) teary-eyed "I just can't handle loosing you, so I'm going to go" cowardly girly-girl.
  • Bananaman177
    "I really dont know why Hollywood insists on wedging romantic B plots into movies"

    It's not just superhero movies, it's EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. THING. HOLLYWOOD. HAS. EVER. MADE. EVER. EVER. EVER. EVER.
    • It's to get women's intrest and in the case of the hobbit trilogy to get non lotr fans to watch what essentially a sausage feist with dwarves, elves and one or two men. I dont remember Bard having two daughters in the orginal.
      They did the same with Arwen who doesn't much appear in the book.

    • @WhitePanther88 Yeah, it's really sad, it makes me grateful that none of my favorite author's books have been adapted into Summer Blockbusters yet. But I know it's coming.

      "Oh, let's rip a giant hole in the story of this book to make room for some bullshit we just made-up! Oh, whoops, looks like the ending doesn't make sense now, guess we better rip out more and pump some more of our crap in to make it make sense."
      -Peter Jackson, on the set of the Hobbit movies, every fuckin' day.

    • A lot directors and producers do get "creative". I wonder how many movies could have been great.
      Terminator genus could have been great if they'd avoided going pg13, not hired Jai Courtney, not ruined John Connor and hired Emilia Clarke only on the condition that she be naked for at least 3 scenes.

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  • Ellie-V
    They need to have a chick flick element in there to draw the romance crowd into a movie they wouldn’t normally go for. Besides that, when it come strong or powerful men in film, people respect the male character more for being able to pick up women.
  • kingoftheclouds
    As a woman the statements you make are fair, people making female characters just to be inclusive is ridiculous and cringey. Yeah some forms of media need more women but I'd rather see them as actual characters and not forced in.
  • MackToday
    I don't much care about love stories I expect to see interesting technology at work and philosophical angles explored. Flash and trash stories are deadly dull. I don't typically watch action movies for that reason except war movies, they're different they seem to have it all covered.
  • SirRexington
    No... Just no. Ant-Man and The Wasp was great, get character worked well with Rudd's. I'm not even an Ant man comic fan.

    Black Widow is badass and has been punched.

    But I will say, it seems it's always women who fight each other and not male vs female.
    • ashleyb93

      Did you even read the article? I wasn't talking about any of those characters.

  • Leafpool2
    Gotta agree with this. Peggy is the best woman the MCU got and even then most of her development was in her show so :/
    Pepper literally only exists because she was in the comics and writers don't have the first clue what to even do with her.
  • WhitePanther88
    I agree with most of it but remember these heroes are mostly from the 60s, be glad these women aren't baking cookies and getting mildly sexually harrassed. Your right female charcters in marvel and most action movies are generally as a love intrest and as eye candy but it's not just for the men it's directed at women too as I'm sure most fantasize about being the hero's pretty girlfriend.The Biggest Problem With Marvel Movies... is Women.The Biggest Problem With Marvel Movies... is Women.
    • ashleyb93

      My point is being a pretty prop is not at all appealing to women as much as men might think it is. We shouldn't be thankful we're being portrayed as one step up from a 50s housewife who needs a man to have any sort of purpose...

    • The pretty girlfriend and the romance is directed mostly at women, espicially the smart but very ordinary pretty kind that way women can see themselves in that supporting female charcter who despite all her weaknesses managed to get such an amazing guy. It's the same in every chick flick too which usually features the theme of a poor girl who bags herself a wealthy man or a chick who's life is a train wreck but she finds thus great guy who makes her life perfect or some ugly girl who is actually really pretty who has some handsome Prince charming fall in love with her seeing past her "ugliness" to see she's really beautiful etc etc movies made for women all have the recurring theme and you can't say women don't want that because they pay good money to see it.
      When all is said and done women are very vain and very judgmental of other women's looks. That's why most consumer products and advertising is directed at women.

  • zagor
    Yeah, I have to agree. If the relationship is not key to the plot, then it needs to GTFO. I'm sure Patton missed his wife while rumbling tanks across Europe, but those feelings had nothing to do with WTF was going on in the field.
  • CuChullan
    Very well put. It's demeaning to women, reduces them to the status of no more than eye candy. Women are so much more than that.
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    I watched Ragnarok because my friends wanted me to, it's forgettable like most of MCU's commercial products (aka superheroes franchises), one thing I remember was that I found character Valkyrie very cringey and funny (forgot why of course).
  • NoPoliticsPlease
    It is moreso the whole PC and diversity thing now they got a female Thor now and I am just about positive they are going to turn most of the white straight male superheros to either women, black or gay and for no other reason other than to hate on straight white guys
  • Allie_Oops
    Your article is misleading. Your problem isn't with women but with unnecessary romance, which happens in a lot of movies whether to protagonist be male or female.
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    no it's not... well, it falls into the biggest problem. the biggest problem is the movies aren't that good. they're action movies focused on fighting with a story sprinkled in as opposed to telling a story and supplementing it with action.
    • fyi- the reason they put romance in movies isn't because it sexualizes women... ok, maybe a bit, but mostly to "add depth" to the story. both directly and indirectly. 1 to serve as a layer of motivation. another to serve as an added possible conflict. and 3rdly, to add a layer to the introduce the mcguffin, which the mcu has done a couple times in their movies... which is relatively creative, i'll admit.

  • lilaqua
    Have you ever heard about the women in refrigerator trope? It really gets to the heart of that women solely used for male motivation idea.
  • Pinky_what_why
    i sorry didn't read it can some tell me what is wrong with marvel movies that have in woman thanks in advance
  • OfDeath
    I can see what you're saying but these female characters serve a purpose. They make the hero more masculine and they give him an element of humanity. Something to make the plot personal.

    It's a key part of most good stories.
    • ashleyb93

      Then why does it ruin every movie? I loved venom but cringed every time the girlfriend showed up. I just wanted to see more venom and Eddie banter.

  • ajad95
    I would much rather have no female characters than bad female characters just for the sake of having a woman.
  • ivanhunterjo
    Because SJWs lose their shit if females aren't being represented in the same light as men. If SJWs had their way then all female charactors would be clingy Damsels in Distress that needed saving every other scene.
  • goaded
    I see your point, but Deadpool's girlfriend was definitely something for him to live for, without her, he'd never have become Deadpool.
  • Cammy137
    I'd have to disagree (although not with Venom, you hit the nail on the head with that one). Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie is a much better example of what you are talking about, even she said so. Her character was boring! You'll notice that she didn't appear in Infinity War.

    I do think that the romantic element is a problem. I would much rather that Thor and Thor 2 had involved a platonic relationship between Thor, God of Thunder, and Jane, the crazy astrophysicist. I think she was an interesting character.
    Plus, there are many female characters within the MCU: Scarlet Witch would be one example. Peggy Carter would be another (yes she is arguably the romantic interest but she stands on her own as well). Then you have Hela, Nebula, Gamora, Mantis, the Ancient One, Shuri, Okoye, Hope Van Dyne, Ava, Agent Hill... I could go on.
  • lumos
    Unfortunately it seems like this phenomenon is derived from the "boys club" mentality surrounding comic books (which, in turn, of course extends to superhero movies as well). I. e. it's "meant for boys", therefore all the male characters tend to be well thought out and developed. Female characters (especially non-lead ones) are a mere afterthought. As such they are given sloppy and stereotypical traits, that either exist simply to drive the plot forward at a dead end, or to complement a more important trait in one of the male characters (his protectiveness, masculinity, sexuality, strength, intelligence, etc etc etc).
    • Malik00

      You clearly don't know how male comic fans think if you honestly believe that garbage.

    • lumos

      @Malik00 then feel free to enlighten me and explain how male comic fans think.

    • Malik00

      The ones you're talking about are likely the uber casuals. Most comic book fans who are familiar with the original material want characters that are sexy AND badass. It's because of that, that wonder woman did so well, while captain marvel looks to be a massive flop

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  • MayBlythe
    Looks like someone doesn't understand why movies are good
  • vishna
    I agree on Natalie Portman's character in Thor. She was SO useless. I was so happy when Jane left the movies.

    I think the movies I watch in the MCU don't really have this issue, so, I don't think the biggest problem is women of course... but yea, I agree that the forced bad romances and shallow female characters are so played out. (I didn't watch the first 2 thor movies but did not dislike the girlfriend in deadpool) (I also didn't mind Michelle williams in Venom, *spoiler alert!) (however, I found the very mature triangle more interesting than their romance.)(I did like that she dumped him like a hot potato for what he broke her trust and was selfish.) But I don't understand *major spoiler* how she was infected then just shrugged it off, like everyone was at least sick or something and she's like perfectly fine)
  • Dargil
    And Lois Lane was never, ever pointless. Nothing wrong with her being a pain in the neck so long as she mattered.
  • jmstarling
    Scarlet Witch and Black Widow needed more screen time.
  • alice55
    There's in those movie cause they're in the comics books...
    I don't find anything wrong with how they portrayed to be honest...
  • kreamykraemez
    Well they're adapted from the comics and if you seethe comics it's much worse on sexualizing the women but Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel I don't see a problem with them and this stereotype.
  • ATuairiscean
    You would get on well with a father of a friend of mine - He loves old western but he says "They are ruined when there is a chick in it" :)
  • Logorithim
    Haven't seen any of these movies, but your analysis sounds plausible to me.
  • MarketData
    They're just eye candy. Except Mystique. I thought the whole "Is it because I am blue?" storyline was good, albeit a thinly-veiled plea for racial tolerance.
    • MarketData

      Is X-Men Marvel or DC? I have no idea.

    • ashleyb93

      X-Men is DC and the whole useless girlfriend trope is much less prominent in DCs movies. I like DC way better than marvel.

  • Reggieray

    For starters, Gamora and Nebula from the Disney owned Guardians of the Galaxy/Infinity War are pretty bad ass Marvel characters. Furthermore, Evangeline Lily's role as The Wasp is far more than merely "eye candy." Also, Fox portrayal of their Marvel female superhero/supervillains has been overwhelmingly favorable. Sophie Turner's Jean Grey really brought the "Dark Phoenix" to life; incinerating the fearsome Apocalypse. Mystique is more akin to a genuinely conflicted anti-hero intread of being relegated to the role of shallow, hot, blue supervillain. Laura/X-23 is the heiress apparent to Logan for the Wolverine franchise, and even opens the door bringing X-Factor into the MCU. I could go on, but I won't in the interest of time. With merger of Fox and Disney, we will likely be more reimagining of characters, but to say they are, or will be, merely "eye candy" is rather short-sided.
  • John_Bouff
    It's because Zion wants white man dead so he can rule the world populated by a mongoloid mongrel race
  • EnglishFellow845
    I don't know if it's the biggest problem but I agree with your point about pointless girlfriend/boyfriend characters
  • xEmmorixX
    Hmm 🤔 maybe they should change it to a boyfriend. That would spice things up. I actually wanna see that xD
    • Wammu

      Its called Antman and Wasp.

  • John_Doesnt
    There needs to be a superhero called "Wonder Tits".
  • Kiran04
    Lol "eye candy". Please. Marvel has gone out of their way to under-sexualize women as much as possible because they're owned by Disney. Black Widow is the only female character in the shows with any sex appeal, and even she's clad in so much clothing it's a wonder she can breathe. I'm not a huge fan of forced romances either, but I'll take Eddie Brock's ex-girlfriend over perma-bitchface Captain Marvel any day. Brie Larson only has two facial expressions in her repertoire and it's disgusting. Looking at her is like staring at the sun with a magnifying glass. It's fucking painful. And not an ounce of skin showing below her neck. Meanwhile, Thor can't take his shirt off often enough and even Starlord walks around struttin' his stuff. Drax has never even put a shirt on, but Gamora isn't even remotely sexy. Yes Marvel shows have a massive problem with women because they won't let them be women. Just side prop teen romances or highly stereotyped "badass" females.
  • Lance1965
    I see no problem with it if the character is a good one.
  • GreatnessBack
    That's more of a Hollywood thing. They will shove a romantic plot into anything.
  • thebigc
    I agree with the sentiment that characters should serve a real purpose and be developed.
  • TheFlak38
    Hollywood only cares about pushing an agenda. Especially since Trump was elected. This is the truth and when people say it they are being attacked by NPC's. It happens more or less in all countries and I know it very well since I work in the industry. Every producer or director who is about to receive a budget for a film, receives with it a list with rules to follow. Two of those rules are: 1. You must include at least one dynamic independent feminist who kicks ass.
    2. You must show at least one man who is dumb, or incompetent or bested by a woman or had a failed marriage/relationship.
  • sunofdavis
    Yah, the problem is they are not hot enough, right? 😉