My pettiness with Disney's LA Mulan


So they released Mulan teaser and I'm officially sad.

Mulan is my favorite disney movie so I was really looking forward to the live action version OF IT! We got Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, etc. No singing (it's so iconic and they removed it! It's not like Cinderella where the singing is not a pull to the story), no Shang, no Mushu (rumor says it's going to be a phoenix), witch female villain? :(

It's like some generic Chinese film but they're all speaking in English. I mean if they wanted some accurate retelling couldn't they have made another film about it? I'd rather watch an accurate retelling with people actually talking in Chinese and also made by the Chinese oh wait there's already one:


On the plus side though the teaser does look nice I guess. And the actress is really cute! But still it's not going to be the Mulan I grew up with. I'm feeling petty af.

My pettiness with Disney's LA Mulan
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  • Guanfei
    They just wanted to make a woke version of it.

    No Mushu because the original Mushu was dubbed by Eddie Murphy, and today it would be considered racist.
    No Shang because Shang was a good soldier and a good commander, who helped Mulan with the other guys. And that version of Mulan just want to show a Mulan who is a strong independent woman who don't need no man.
    And the villain would be labelled as racist too since it show a bad cliché of a mongolian badguy.

    They just wanted to make a movie to show a strong woman while avoiding any possibility of something being seen as offensive.
    Is this still revelant?
    • LMNOP123

      Makes sense. I thought that might also be a huge possibility of why they changed it so much.

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  • CoffeeWC
    Live action movies are often inaccurate and deviate from their animated counterparts. I don't know why it has to be this way, but it sucks.
    • Anonymous

      I know like even with Beauty and the Beast it's not an exact copy. I actually don't mind that. It's hard to have 100% accuracy. I'm more miffed because of the songs and the unnecessary changes in characters. I mean this is the only LA so far that they removed majority of the main cast and exchanged it with something else

  • leahzrc
    I wish that these live actions would be the exact same from the cartoons. I think that the Lion King will be the only good one because its the exact same story/music and the actors werent casted because of skin color. Like aladdin was horrid, I like naomi scott but she didn't fit the role and the male actor wasn't talented and will smith honestly butchered his role. Who cares if they are the exact same? Its cool to see a movie transform from cartoon to real life.
    • Anonymous

      Hahaha that is my thinking as well it's a live action of the cartoon! Add some trinkets but if you change the whole thing it's no longer the same ;_;

      I grew to accept Aladdin since my sister kept replaying it at home. I'm still weirded out by their costumes. I did like how they changed the little things like giving Jasmine a voice and completing the intro and ending with Genie. Jafar is the complete zero for me. He lost his menace

    • leahzrc

      I feel like new jasmine can't sing in the pretty princess way that I would have hoped and will smith's songs all sounded like fresh prince of bel air

    • Anonymous

      HAHA. Actually. Well Naomi doesn't have that high singing voice we usually have especially if we're so used to Jasmine og Lea Salonga. That crystal clear voice is very wow. Didn't watch Prince of Bel-air so I can't relate lol

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  • GraveDoll
    must be the only human who has no love for disney period.

    even as a little girl i just find the movies boring AF. Now i did like th live stories they use to do like

    the scary ones. Those were more realistic.
  • Izumiblu
    I dislike the live action Disney films tbh. So this doesn’t change anything for me
    • Anonymous

      Hahaha I'm just a big fan of live actions. Even with anime shows.. though those are mostly misses.

  • DollySummers
    Cuz they wanted it to be still kid friendly. But at the same time more mature to bring the older crowd in. Which annoys me too cuz musicals are for adults to. Plus they could’ve made Mushu bigger in the action version. I don’t see how Mushu, and the cricket were cut. I am glad they cut the hair cut out. But did they really need to use Japanese instead of Chinese.
  • name_is_eric
    Mulan seems too Asian in that trailer and that is just wrong, they should at least adapt her as black.

    #GetWoke #WrongRace #Diversity #Multiculturalism
    • Anonymous

      =)) change the actress every 3 seconds more like #Multiculturalism

    • Mulan was an actual historical figure. So no, they could not have. I don't recall any recent Disney remake where they cast a black girl for the lead role as historical. ;)

    • Anonymous

      @SpiderManFan2002 Mulan is actually from a ballad. No historical evidence supports she is real.

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  • Goodgirl120
    I will watch Mulan. I won’t watch the Little Mermaid.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah the teaser has some promise. Will have to wait for full trailer though because sometimes their accent makes it sound awkward.

      The little mermaid I shall wait for their trailer and see. I'm gonna be petty again if they didn't lush up her hair!

  • LMNOP123
    No it’s okay I get it. I’ll still see it, I’ll probably still like it. I’m only very disappointed that it’s not going to be a live action version of the animated one. Like they did with Beauty and the Beast. Mulan is my favourite too.
  • NatashaJ
    I am not even going to bother to watch this anyway lol
  • AngelLily
    Ya I hate that there not doing the Disney version of Mulan too.
  • RobLovesDemi1234
    Don't worry about it. Most remakes or real life versions of movies nowadays suck. Look what they did to ghostbusters when they remade that crap. And look at the remake of hellboy. And if that ain't bad enough look at the god aweful movie aladdin that came out recently. I would rather stick hot flaming polks what were in a fireplace that watch that god aweful disaster a second time. The only reason that movie had any viewers whatsoever was because of will smith. He saved disney's ass. And dont even get my started on how god forsakenly aweful beauty and the beast live action movie was. I've come to a point where I'm not expecting remakes or live action movies to be good. And we all know the upcoming star wars 9 is going to be complete crap. I just hope come November when nerdcon is in town i won't be out in public to suffer that illfate
  • Kiran_Yagami
    Of course they weren't going to make Mulan like the cartoon. The cartoon had a gendered theme song, and Disney is "woke" now.

    "Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons?"
    "I'll make a man out of you."

    Yea, Disney is not a company of giving the fans what they want. They're a company of dictating to the fans what they should want and then telling you you're a racist when you don't agree to it. But all of the live action Disney is shit anyways, so I'm not worried. This is how far Disney has slumped, they have to remake old shit instead of coming up with something new.
  • Rawkstar26
    Yeah, Kinda sucks. And she looks nothing like how Mulan should look or act..
    • Anonymous

      I think they made her stiffer than usual. Though since it's a teaser I'd do another round later haha. Haven't watched her other films to know her skills

  • MyQuietLife
    I can’t wait to watch Mulan 🙌🏼👍
  • yourfavperson
    found another baby crying over here!
    • Anonymous

      And I found the cool one!

    • take a nap😚

    • Anonymous

      I'm fine thanks X)

  • MySunnyLife
    I love Mulan. My favorite Disney movie
  • gorman24
    It still may turn out to be an amazing movie
    • Anonymous

      Well yeah based from teaser it does show promise have to wait for full trailer to have a bit more to work on

  • Asianguy123
    Cool. Thank you for showing me
    • Anonymous

      Cool. No problem

  • Anonymous
    I mean, you could like, just continue watching the old one instead.
    • Anonymous

      I mean, I never said I couldn't, cartoon and LA totally different vibe.

  • Anonymous
    Oh for the love of god, get over it!

    If you don’t like the one that’s gonna be released then go and watch the original one.

    • GD360

      Lol.. why you anonymous, your right. But it's so much easier to be mad at Disney tryin to hussle us out of our money

    • Anonymous

      Get over my opinion as well. I am free to dislike things without having to watch the original I love :)