15 Game Shows You May Have Forgotten About

There's been many game shows on through the years, some were memorable and others were not. Here are 15 game shows that you may have forgotten about.

1. Love Connection

Love Connection was a dating game show.It first aired in 1983 and was hosted by Chuck Woolery and ended in 1994. It then got picked up for one season in 1998 and that was hosted by Pat Bullard. Then it got relaunched a second time it 2017 and was hosted by Andy Cohen, it lasted two seasons.

2. The Weakest Link

The Weakest Link was a British game show originally and then it was made into an American one. It involved a team of eight people (six later on), who wanted to win money and the one who answered wrong, was the weakest link. It first aired in 2002 and ended in July 2002, with six episodes unaired. They were shown years later on GSN and PAX. It was hosted by Anne Robinson.

3. Pyramid

Pyramid was a television game show with many different versions of it. The very first one was $10,000 Pyramid which first aired in 1973 and ran on CBS until 1974. Then it moved to ABC and the name was then changed to $20,000 Pyramid, it ran on there from 1974- 1976. It then got revived in 1982 on CBS until 1988 and it was called The New $25, 000 Pyramid. There were also two night time syndicated versions, the first being $50,000 Pyramid in 1981 and $100,000 Pyramid from 1985 -1988. All of which were hosted by Dick Clark.

Other hosts of the many versions of Pyramid include: Bill Cullen who hosted the nightly version of $25,000 Pyramid from 1974-1979. John Davidson was the host of the revived version of $100,000 Pyramid in 1991. Donny Osmond hosted a version called Pyramid from 2002 -2004. Mike Richards hosted a short lived version in 2012 call The Pyramid, it only aired 40 episodes. Then last but not least, the current version on ABC called $100,000 Pyramid which started in 2016 and is hosted by Michael Strahan

4. Password

Password was a daytime game show that first aired in 1961-1967 and then a prime time version ran from 1962-1965. It was hosted by Allen Ludden. Password also had some other versions as well, starting with Password Plus in 1979-1982. Then Super Password in 1984-1989. Then last is Million Dollar Password which was hosted by Regis Philbin from 2008-2009.

5. The Newlywed Game

The Newlywed game was a game show involving newly married couples going against each other to see how well they knew their spouse. It first aired in 1966 and would go on through the 70's 80's & 90's, the host being Bob Eubanks. Other hosts include: Jim Lange, Paul Rodriguez , Gary Kroeger, Carnie Wilson in 2009 and Sherri Shepherd in 2011.

6. The Dating Game

The Dating game was a dating game show that first aired in 1965 until 1973 when it was dropped by ABC. It was then put in syndication under the title of The New Dating game which continued for another year, 1973- 1974. It was then revived three more times after that starting with 1978-1980. Then 1986-1989 and lastly 1996-1999.

The majority of the show was was hosted by Jim Lange. Other hosts include: Elaine Joyce in 1986 for the first season and Jeff MacGregor for the second. Brad Sherwood was the host in 1996. Chuck Woolery took over as host in 1997 until the end in 1999.

7. Bzzz!

Bzzz! was a dating game show that aired from 1996 until 1997, after it ended some stations continued airing reruns up until as late as 2001. It was hosted by Annie Wood.

8. Illinois Instant Riches

Illinois Instant Riches is probably a show only people living in IL would remember. It was a lottery game show for people in the state of IL and to be on the show you had to buy an Illinois Instant Riches scratch off ticket from a Illinois lottery retailer. The show first aired in 1994 and lasted up until 1998. It was hosted by Mark Goodman and Linda Kollmeyer. Sometime during its run they changed the name of the show to Illinois' Luckiest.

9. Shop til you Drop

Shop til you Drop was a game show that first aired on Lifetime in 1991 and finished the show on PAX in 2005. It had produced four different series during that time. It was hosted by Pat Finn and then by JD Roberto.

10. Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep was a game show based in a supermarket where they had timed races through the store. It first aired in 1965 -1967. Then it got revived in 1990 until 1995. Then it was revived again in 2000 until 2003. It was hosted by Bill Malone and then by David Ruprecht.

11. Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog was a game show based upon the United Kingdom version with the same name. It involved contestants competing against one another in physical, trivial and other games for the prize of $25,000. It aired from 2002 until 2003 and it was hosted by Brooke Burns.

12. The Singing Bee

The Singing Bee was a karaoke game show which combined singing with elements of a spelling bee. It aired on NBC in 2007 and then went to CMT, it was on there from 2009 -2012. It was hosted by Melissa Peterman and then by Joey Fatone.

13. Don't Forget The Lyrics!

Don't Forget The Lyrics was a sing along game show and it aired on Fox from 2007-2009. It was then put into syndication from 2010 to 2011. It was first hosted by Wayne Brady and then by mark McGrath.

14. Hollywood Squares

Hollywood Squares was a game show in the form of tic-tac-toe. It first aired in 1965 until 1980. It then aired in the daytime on NBC from January 1968 until September 1968. Then it aired in prime time on NBC from January 1969 until August 1969. Then it was aired on Saturday Mornings on NBC from 1972 until 1981. It was then put in syndication from 1986 until 1989. Then it was out in daily syndication from 1998 until 2004.

It was hosted by many people the first being Peter Marshall. Then it was hosted by Jon Bauman. Then John Davidson and lastly by Tom Bergeron.

15. American Gladiators

American Gladiators was a game show that was based off tests of strength and agility, it paired amateur athletes against each other and then against the shows own gladiators. It aired from 1989 until 1996. It was presented by many people through the years and they are as follows: Mike Adamle, Joe Theismann, Todd Christensen, Larry Csonka, Lisa Malosky and Danny Lee Clark.

15 Game Shows You May Have Forgotten About
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  • clampfan101

    I’ve seen a few of those. There’s a lot of great game shows that aren’t shown anymore. Even ones a whole lot less old. I like Family Feud, but it’s what GSN shows half the day every day. I want more variety.

    Is this still revelant?
    • Yeah, plus Family Feud is just creepy now. They ask way too many inappropriate questions especially for a family show.

    • It is becoming more like American Feud, isn’t it? :/

    • Haha, yeah.

  • zagor

    I had a neighbor who was on the old The Joker's Wild, when it was a legitimate quiz show instead of the moronic farce with Snoop Dog

    Is this still revelant?
    • What is it about? I've never heard of it.

    • zagor

      You would spin a wheel, and they would ask a question based on what it showed.. But the questions were more like what they ask on Jeopardy, not stupid pop crap.

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  • DeeDeeDeVour

    I remember Pyramid, Supermarket Sweep, Hollywood Squares & American Gladiator quiet well. I also remember getting annoyed by the female host of the Weakest Link on its 1st season. So, I stopped watching it. Meanwhile, both my older brothers were trying out for American Gladiators.

  • MysteriousDarkness

    I know of all of those except number 8 since I never have lived in Illinois. The American Gladiators was re launched on January 6 2008. The first season was January 6 2008 - February 17 2008. The second season was May 12 2008 - August 4 2008.

  • Weakest link and dog eat dog.

    Omg i loved those!

    I've hear of newlywed game and love connection but never the rest

  • lpoots
  • Bluemax

    A classmate of mine actually appeared on Love Connection back in 1990. She said she had fun, but she was never into the guy.

    • That's cool, how did she ended up being a contestant?

    • Bluemax

      I'm don't exactly remember. She told me the details after i'd reconnected with her on FB, but that was a few years ago. She also sent me a pic her mother had taken of her.

    • Okay.

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  • Massageman

    Several of these are on ME-TV- (Memorable Entertainment) TV Network, including Supermarket Sweep with DR.

  • SydneySentinel

    I remember all of these! I loved the Supermarket Sweep and Shop Til You Drop.

    • Me too. I didn't have cable tv as a kid, so I had to watch what was available to me.

  • Meditatingsquirrel79

    I remember Hollywood Squares. American Gladiators too. Newlywed Game too. Bzzz, Love Connection, Password, never saw those. Supermarket, nope.

  • CocoBat

    Oh hey a silly mytake that's not some boring political rubbing or some "dEEP pHiLosoPHicaL SpiRiTuAL StoRY"

  • PinkChampagne

    The Weakest Link, some days ago I bumped into it on the TV, repeating some old episodes

  • TheAceholeSupreme666

    The Illinois Riches not withstanding, I watched all the rest in the 80s and 90s.
    I loved "Press Your Luck"!

  • WolfsRoze

    This is a nice list, I unfortunately had not seen any of theses... Wish I had, I've heard a couple of these were good

  • I hate game shows almost as much as reality tv or scripted reality tv

  • adolescentswede

    Weakest link was made a wc3 mod i remember that, the others i either never saw or don't recall

  • BobbyC65

    The only game show I watched still is Jeopardy. But I remember all of them. 😊

  • Poormanscomedian

    Best was Deal of the Century was my favorite and Match Game was my second Favorite

  • MzAsh

    Anyone remember Elimidate?

    • No, I don't. I remember Blind Date and Extreme Dating but I don't remember that, when was it on?

    • MzAsh

      It was a dating show in the late 90s to early 00s. Each episode would have one man or woman meet a few people of the opposite sex in one location, spend a while with the whole group, trying to get to know a little about the contenders, then eliminate one and then go to another location, and so on. They always had goofy people on there trying to show off.

    • You know what, that actually does sound familiar.

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  • nerms123

    Haha I remember a few

  • larry69

    Gong show with Chuck Barris

  • JohnAlaska43

    I know all but the illonois instant Riches.

  • Avicenna

    Interesting, thanks

  • ManOnFire

    Oh my God I remember Weakest Link.

  • The Gong Show

  • I remember don't forget the lyrics.

  • exhausted23kitten


  • Anonymous

    lots of them funny how some get rebooted like love connection