Best friend... Mixed feelings... FWB

My best friend and I have been fooling around. We are both single now so its not all that wrong. Yes, he's a guy. He's kinda on the rebound.

He's a 2 years older than me, yet I'm more experienced. We both have oaths to virginity till marriage, and have similar morals. We have a lot in common and he says I'm the only person that seems to understand him. I'm the only other person he's cried in front of besides his mom. And I've cried more in front of him than I have anyone this year. My parents trust him so much and see him as one of the girls that he is aloud to spend the night. So as you can see we are damn good friends.

It started out as cuddle buddies. And then kissing got involved. Now every time we are together alone we end up making out and fooling around. He's on my mind every hour, and I just can't seem to shake it. I've loved this boy as a friend for so long, and now I look at him and wonder what it'd be like to wake up with him beside me, and all that crap I am to young to be curious about.

It's been a month of friends with benefits and I've gone farther with him than I have anyone else in my past. I can't even carry a conversation with him like I used to before. We sit in silence most of the time, or we ask questions that receive I don't know for an answer. He's said one day that he thinks he likes me more than a friend, and then the next day he says he thinks he just likes having someone there.

This is all causing me so much confusion, and I feel like I'm being played by my best friend. I look at him and can't help but think how great of a guy he is. I miss the old him though. I fell for the old him, and I want to be in a relationship with him! Not what he's been with me recently. . . a horn-dog who can't keep his hands to himself, or his tongue for that matter.

He's going off to college this fall. Its 30 miles from where I live so its no biggie. I've told him I wanted to wait to continue a relationship with him when I get out of high school. He said he'd always keep a slot open for me. I was his first real crush. My other close friends tell me that it'd be a bad idea to continue it to relationship, because it would change everything, and the demolish the trust I've re-built with my parents. (who already told him that if me and him were to ever be on the same page and wanted to date that he had their blessing without question.)

I'm tired of it being one day oh I love you blah blah blah. And then the next I don't know if I even like you. Randomly he'll send me texts saying I love you. Having not seen me for 2 days, but I never know in what way.

I'm not to sure what I'm asking. I guess I just want to know if this is normal? What do you think I should do? Why do you think he's doing this?
Best friend... Mixed feelings... FWB
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